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Friday, February 2, 2018

NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash

As you all well know, I am a skincare addict. As much as I love makeup, I think I’m just a big a fan of all the different skincare products the world has to offer. Anything that is going to make me look flawless and glowing like a goddess gets an A+ in my book!

So I’m pretty excited about doing this particular review. Thanks to BrandBacker and NeoStrata for letting me test out this amazing product! Foaming Glycolic Wash is one of the coolest face washes I’ve ever tried.

The first thing that got me excited was the “foaming” aspect. When you put this cleanser on your face it’s like you are pampering your skin with clouds from heaven. I’m not even kidding. It’s super soft and feels very gentle on your skin, but you’d better believe that baby is doing some WORK.

You take a pump in your hand and rub lightly onto your damp face. Just doing that, the cleanser will exfoliate and smooth your skin texture. And you will notice it immediately.

The first time I used it, and every time after that, my skin looked totally airbrushed. It somehow gives your skin the same look as if you just put on something like Benefit’s Porefessional, but there’s nothing there…it’s just your face!

One of the other things that amazes me is that the glycolic acid in the wash gives you a deep clean without actual soap, and lactobionic acid does the exfoliating. I enjoy using this cleanser after taking off my makeup to get off whatever my makeup remover doesn’t or in the morning before applying makeup. It leaves the perfect blank canvas for any look from no makeup to full glam.

NeoStrata recommends using the wash both in the morning and at night, as tolerated. Seeing as how this 3.4 oz. bottle will set you back $40, I’d say it’s absolutely worth the splurge; especially if you are planning to use it exclusively.

The brand itself is known for their skincare that helps to improve the visible signs of aging, treat acne, dry skin and other dermatological conditions. According to the website, the Foaming Glycolic Wash is one of the brand’s most potent cleansers and has ingredients meant to “gently exfoliate and unclog congested skin to prepare skin for optimal benefits of the regimen that follows.” NeoStrata also recommends the product not be used by those with sensitive skin. The wash is soap-free, but also fragrance-free, dye-free and paba-free.

NeoStrata has proudly revolutionized the anti-aging skincare game for more than 40 years! They hold themselves to the "highest standards of quality and effectiveness to deliver products and results worthy of [their] dermatological heritage." Actually, the brand’s creators are known for their discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have profound beneficial effects on human skin. The brand offers multiple products catered to different skin types and conditions.

To wrap it up, I was 100% blown away by this and I absolutely love it. It’s good for your skin and worth the price if you want flawless looking skin! My only tiny dislike, if I even had to choose something, would be that it tastes awful. Avoid getting it in your mouth if you can! LOL.

You can purchase this wash here and other products at the NeoStrata website. The Foaming Glycolic Wash is part of the brands “Resurface” line, which also includes several creams, lotions and even a daily peel. You can check out those products on the website as well along with several sets to get you started!

XO, Briana

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year Wishes 2018

Welcome 2018! Happy New Year! Last year at this time I sat down with my thoughts and wrote out some New Years "wishes" instead of resolutions. I want it to be a positive thing that sticks with me throughout the year and not something that will haunt me if I don't reach the goals I've set. So I think I'll do the same this year!

In my last post, I took a look back at what I wished for my year in 2017. So for this post I'm gong to make new ones, in addition to rolling over the ones I didn't quite make come true.

Working on my fitness, he's my witness (whooooOOOOEEEE)

Image result for fergie glamorous gym gif

Number one for me this year is going to be my health. I've finally gotten to the point where I've got a full time job and a set schedule, so no more excuses for me! I really want to get back into a healthy lifestyle like I was back in the end of 2016. I was working out all the time, I was eating well and I remember how good that felt. I want to get back to that. I'm tired of my stomach constantly being in knots and I'm tired of shoving Christmas cookies in my face 24/7. lol I want to be shoving pineapple in my face 24/7 instead! As a goal, I'd like to get to my ideal body. I want to get to the point where I can just throw on whatever clothes and be like hm, ok. I'm pretty close, but still not 100% where I want to be. I want to tone, and lose a little more fluff weight so that I can be a true size 12.

Blog Babe

Next is blogging. Coming back to my newly found time, I feel like I've had a lot more time to write on here than I have in the past. I'm also newly inspired for some reason. So my goal for this year is to post two-three times a week as often as possible. I also want to be more active on my Facebook page, since I feel like it's lacking a little.

Moving on up

I really would like to move out of my parents house, now that I have a better paying job. I've saved some money working 3-4 jobs over the summer and having my own space would really be amazing. I lived by myself in college for a while and it allowed me a lot more freedom in ways. I had space to do yoga in my living room whenever, I did everything on my time and I got to come home after a long day and have some time to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love living with my family, but I'm getting to that point in my life where I think it's really time to take that big girl step.

YouTube Guru

I've been trying to start filming YouTube videos in conjunction with my blog. I like putting videos together and I think it's fun for you guys to see my personality in action along with my immediate opinions. In writing, everything is pre-thought-out. You can't really have an immediate reaction in a blog post, since you have to think about what your writing as you type. With video, I feel like it pushes me to be more relaxed and helps with my public speaking. I'm particularly good with words, on paper. In person, however, I'm not quite as easy to speak. I often get lost in what I'm saying and stumble on words. Plus, I think there are things you can more easily show in video than in pictures. So I really want to get working on it! I do have a channel, it's called Beach Babe Beauty, and I do have one video up that I thought went pretty well considering my newbie status. I guess my goal here is to try to regularly film videos and get that channel some publicity!

Mental & Spiritual

I always make a point to assess my mental health and my spirituality. These are both really important to me. My mental health because I have a history of anxiety and depression; spirituality because it is a part of who I am as a person. Maybe I'll write a post about that sometime! My goal for my mental health is to stay happy and satisfied in life. The happier I am, the better my mental health is. Spiritually, I want to focus on educating myself. I like to be an expert at something before I go around flaunting it. So reading lots of books and watching videos and such makes me feel like I deserve to humble call myself Buddhist. But, I'll go into that story at another time.

I'd say those are my main wishes/goals for the new year, aside from other little goals like actually making my GoodReads goal...missed it by one! And maybe to try and get to the beach more often, just for a walk or to read, when it gets a little warmer. Definitely not now though, since it's currently 18 degrees.

XO, Briana

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Life Update and a Look Back

Hey everyone! Apologies for being incognito on my blog for a couple weeks. As I’m sure you all know, the holidays are super fun but also very time consuming! It’s been a little crazy around here too. So I’d better just go ahead and get to my life update!

My big news is that I just got a real, big girl job! Woohoo! Finally, all my schooling and killing myself in retail for the past three years is worth it! #BLESSUP. 🙌🏼 I am officially a Digital Content Producer for one of my local news stations! I’ve actually been working there as an Editor/Prompter Operator since last January and have loved it, even though it was part time.

Funny enough, I was planning on leaving soon because there weren’t any other positions open at the time and I was also working at Dillard’s. I was planning on trying to work my way up in the company there, but then this other opportunity presented itself. Again, I almost didn’t apply but boy am I glad I did! I just finished my two weeks of training and I am already in love. I’m finally getting to do what I’ve wanted to do all along: write.

I spend my day writing and editing and doing social media, all things I am damn good at and love to do! So I’m a happy little clam with a regular schedule and my own desk. Plus I will have much more time to get healthy and blog and other things on my to do list. Which brings me to part deux of of this post!

The new year is coming, and what the hell have I done? Since I made a post last year of all my goals and “New Year’s wishes,” I thought it would be fun to look back and see if I have fulfilled any of them! And then maybe I’ll make one for this year too!

I Gradumawated!

My first wish was to be damn proud of myself for graduating with my second degree! I totally did that and killed it! I graduated in May with my B.A. in Interactive Journalism. Something I probably should have gone to school for in the first place. But I happily and humbly own the fact that I am “hotter by 2 degrees!”

Boss Babe

I had high hopes for my career and I finally got started! I’m happy to be on a career track doing something I love and hope to keep climbing my way up!

Love, love, love! 

I wanted to embrace love from all angles, not just a relationship. I think I did that by making a ton of new friends who I truly care for and love!

Mind, Body & Soul

My last wish was to be my best self. Which I will always wish for, since I always believe there is room for improvement. I’ve let my physical health slip a little, but I really want to focus on that more this coming year. Mental health wise, I’m feeling much more in control. Last year was really difficult for me in this department. I dealt with quite a lot of trauma and my anxiety and depression got pretty dark and twisty. At this point, I feel happy and not nearly as anxious all the time. I said I wanted to read a lot, and I sure did! I set a Goodreads goal to read 12 books this year and I’ve read 11! I’m hoping to maybe fly through one more before the year is gone!

Just a few of my favorite 2017 memories!

So I’d say I did pretty well upholding my wishes for the year. It wasn’t the best year ever, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I’d say I had some bad and some good moments. But I did make some pretty good memories and those are the ones that stick! Hope you all have a very Happy New Year! Check back in a few days for my new wishes and resolutions!

XO, Briana