Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : NYFW Round 1: Day 2

Monday, September 16, 2013

NYFW Round 1: Day 2

So the second day of my adventures in New York Fashion Week did not cease to entertain.  Through several blisters, unwarranted heat, and way too much baggage (and I literally mean like two huge bags each) we trekked our way through the city in search of fashion.
New York Fashion Week

Lincoln Center: On the Outside

After the always necessary morning Starbucks Coffee, we made our way to the plaza section of Lincoln Center.  Not knowing where to start, we plopped our bags in a spot where there was shade and lots of fashion action.  There were people everywhere, ranging from fashionistas there to see the shows to fellow bloggers looking for the next big trends.  So I whipped out my camera phone and starting snapping my own personal faves!

Mod Black & White

One trend that stood out to me was the super chic, sleek black & white.  Bold lines in structure and pattern are not only classy but can be refreshingly modern.  These ladies have done it right!

New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week

Bring Your Puppy to Work Day

What is pet loving, fashionista/o's favorite accessory? Their dog!  These pampered pups were joining in on all the fashion week fun.  Can you say, Puppy Vogue?!

New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week

Sparkle, Baby, Sparkle!

Another great trend that never goes out of style? Lots of sparkle!! These lovely ladies are the perfect example of how girls with any type of style can rock the glitz.   

New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week

Man Skirt?

Now I personally don't have a problem with guys wearing skirts.  I mean, do what you want. It's your body, you dress it how you like! However, like anything else, some can rock it, and some well...go a little overboard.  I supposed this could be considered my first Do & Don't! I actually really like the fly fashionisto's outfit (seen left).  The bottom is actually pants with skirted top piece.  Almost like a palazzo pant.  I think he looked pretty chic, and totally rocked the skirt-pants.  As for bachelor number two, I'm just not really sure where to start.  Not only was he pushing the gender boundaries by wearing a skirt in the first place, he just went way over the top rocker for my taste.  The boots, the chains, the hair.  All I can say is, I give this a resounding NO!

New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week

So there's just a few picks from the pack of fashionable and not so fashionable people.  Actually, I almost forgot my personal favorite...


What was he thinking? The world may never know...

The Kahri by KahriAnne Kerr Show

While in New York, I had the absolute pleasure of attending KahriAnne Kerr's Kahri S/S 14 runway show. I can honestly say, I would kill to have every piece in my closet! Flushed against a modern white setting, bold lines and pop colors painted the runway.  

I particularly liked the updated detail to well known silhouettes.   Kerr added perfectly placed cutouts in unexpected places and a little flounce in all the right places.  The line was a cohesive mix of strong and feminine.  She used structural patterns on otherwise "girly" shaped pieces.  All in all, everything seemed to work splendidly.

Watch the Last Looks!

Along with the days fashions, the hair and makeup brought everything together.  The models' hair were styled in intricate mohawk braids.  The makeup was simple, yet strong with a classic cat-eye liner and bright red lips: a fashionista favorite!

Overall, my first round of NYFW was a success.  I've got a long list of ideas for fall from fashion to makeup to hair to accessories and designers to take inspiration from.  This weekend was truly an experience I will never forget!!

Check back soon for Round 2!  

XO, Briana

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