Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : K. Nicole Couture {Fashion February}

Monday, February 24, 2014

K. Nicole Couture {Fashion February}

Hurray for Fashion Week!! I know I'm a  little behind on posting these, but I've just been so busy collecting stories! So keep your eyes open for all of my Fashion February posts!!  My first Fashion Week, which was this past September, I attended shows as an intern and enjoyed the experience of a lifetime!  This time around, I got to go as a full-blown fashion blogger!!

First on the itinerary was the K. Nicole Couture fashion show!! Thanks to my good friend Angela, I got an invite to the show, plus was able to bring my friend Emma with me!  After having a conversation with my new PR friend, Eduardo, I was able to score an interview with the designers!! [Thanks again Eduardo! You're the best!]

But first, some background on the designers!  K. Nicole Couture is designed by this fabulous duo, Kera Anderson (right) and Nicole Styer (left).  Based in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA, the girls met and became friends at Nicole's clothing and accessory store, N.R.S. Boutique located in Center City Phila.

Snapshot from their show, courtesy of the K. Nicole Instagram page!

The Interview

So I got to sit down with the girls for a quick, pre-show chat! First I asked about their collection.  They told me they are really inspired by the fabrics and textiles they find and mixing and matching them together. They're also both really excited about outwear for spring.  When I asked, both responded with jackets and coats, particularly the classic trench. [By the way, I couldn't agree more!] Nicole said, "We're really heavy in this collection on coats, and that's what we really started with." Seeing as this was not their first time showing a collection, I asked if the process has become easier.  "It was definitely harder at first," said Kera.  "We're definitely learning from the first time around, still ironing out the best way to go about everything," Nicole added.  I was also really curious to know more about how they became a team. Kera told me, "She had a piece, a dress hanging in her window and I just had a different vision...  So, we just re-tweaked the dress she had already done and it came out fabulous!"  Lastly I asked if they had any advice for young designers. Nicole told me, "Just really stay true to what you want to do.  Don't compromise too much on your vision." Duly noted girls!!  

The Collection

Can I just say, I absolutely loved this collection.  I definitely saw the outerwear influence, especially in some of my favorite pieces.  The feel was a mix of Victorian meets classic meets a little bit of 70s.  The construction was impeccable and there was a modern twist to all of the looks.  Overall, I felt the collection was cohesive and beautifully done! Here are my top five looks!

Check out previous collections and more on the K. Nicole website!

What I Wore

As I'm sure you know, I switched my outfit a good twenty times before deciding.  There are still a few things I would have changed, but time is precious. So I went with this look, inspired by my Kate Spade bag!

Cardigan: Saks Fifth Avenue | Blouse/Skirt: American Eagle | Belt/Necklace: Target | Bag: Kate Spade

The After Party

After the runway show, we got to hang out with some super cool people!! I got to see some old friends and make some new ones!  The music was great and so were the drinks!  It had even started snowing during the show, so a bunch of people took advantage of the scene, including us!

I had an amazing time at this event!  I feel truly honored to be able to spend quality time with the designers, who were super excited that I was from Philly btw, and they were so nice! Truly inspiring for a young aspiring designer such as myself.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for us at future shows!

XO, Briana

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