Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : Top 5 Blogging Tips for Awesome People

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Top 5 Blogging Tips for Awesome People

So I've been blogging for all of about 6-7 months and in such a short time I have learned soooo much about blogging!  Definitely not everything I need to know, of course, but enough to help out other people.  Which actually, my good friend Haven inspired me to write this post!  She's just starting her blog, MisbeHaven, and has been asking me for advice.  Of course I was flattered because I'm not exactly an expert, but she's my friend and I much enjoy helping her out.  Her first ever post is quite hilarious and I can't wait to see more from her!  So as I was saying, she inspired me to write this post.

Hey look, it's us! Circa. 2011

When I started blogging I had zero idea what I was doing.  I did a lot of pinning on Pinterest to my "Bloggy" board and looked at other peoples blogs.  Basically I read.  A lot.  But now that I'm on the other side of the rope, I would have loved someone more experienced when I first started out.  So this post is going to be my top five blogging tips for awesome people.

1. Post good content, but don't compromise yourself

Blogging is all about creative freedom.  In my opinion at least.  Your blog should be a place for you to write about, well, whatever the hell you want.  Whether it's yesterday's adorable outfit, or the horrible week you had at work, you should just get that all out in the open.  But your content should still be quality.  Like, legible and grammatically correct, and interesting.  And if you want to post something random every once in a while, that's ok too!  Just always remember, this is your  blog.  You created it and you always have the freedom to do what you want with it.  On the flip side, good content is important for building a following, if you're concerned about that.  When brainstorming future posts, think about things that you will enjoy writing about and that your followers will enjoy reading.  There is a happy medium, where you don't wind up slaving away at the keyboard for the sake of your followers.  End point being, don't compromise your vision for developing demographically focused pieces.  

2. Get yourself out there!

In order to become a famous blogger you need to GET YOURSELF OUT THERE!!! Don't be afraid of people or anonymous internet beings.  Promote your blog through all of your social media sites and wherever else you can find.  Post flyers on campus or in your local coffee shop, even get your friends to tell their friends and so forth.  Also, find opportunities to get the word out in person, by going to networking events, or other events that will probably turn into networking events.  Make up business cards and carry them everywhere.  You never know who you might wind up talking to in line at Victoria's Secret!  PR mavens buy pretty underwear too!  Basically, make it your job to tell people how awesome you are.  Now that's not so hard, is it?!

3. Don't get discouraged

I'm just going to be straightforward about this one.  It's going to seem like it's taking forever to build a secure following.  I've been at it for a good while and I'm still feeling under accomplished on that level.  But the followers will come.  Eventually.  You just have to be patient.  And if you are not the patient type, I understand because I'm right there with you.  Just don't get discouraged!  Remain positive and optimistic and good things will come to you!  If you keep doin' what you doin' you will get there! You go!!!

4. You are your BRAND

As you blog, keep in mind that you are your brand.  Your blog is your brand.  Everything you post anywhere is your brand.  You will eat, sleep, and breathe your brand.  So make sure you like it, because you're gonna have to get used to it.  One of the most important things about a brand is the aesthetic. Basically, make it pretty.  The visual aspects of brands is even more important today with things like Instagram and Pinterest. It should be eye catching, appealing to a wide range of people, and consistent. More importantly, it should feel like you.  For example, my brand is Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns (also referred to as SGMC).  I purposely branded it with an acronym because it's shorter and easier to remember.  Short and sweet.  Then there's the sequins.  Part of the name and also a part of me; I freaking love glitter.  I kept a color palette that was minimalistic and easy on the eyes: gold, white, and black. These are all seen in my layout, my photos, and my logos.  Also, fonts.  Please.  Use no more than three different fonts.  Or you will be sorry.  And speaking of logos, my logo encompasses my brand.  It has my colors, my acronym, and its a crown with a mermaid tail.  It's pretty literal, but in my opinion, it's memorable and pretty!  So when your coming up with your brand remember all of this and incorporate it into your own blog/brand.  If you have a set aesthetic it will be easier to carry over into other things in the future. Your brand comes into play with your content as well.  It should all kind of go together.  It's all about consistency in your writing and formatting.  People should know it's your post by reading it.  Your content should sound like the same person wrote all of them.  This will come naturally if your a good writer, which most bloggers seem to be.  If you do have trouble in that department, I suggest doing some writing exercises to find your voice.  Practice makes perfect!  I could write a book on this but, to summarize, make your brand an easy to understand representation of you and what you want for your blog.

5. Be a part of the community

Being a part of the blogger community is hugely important.  This is how you gain respect with your peers. This is also another way to get your blog out there.  By being a part of communities, you can make friends with other bloggers, which is fantastic.  Not only do you now have awesome new friends, but they can also help you with their personal blogging knowledge and also help you to promote your blog.  And in return you will help them and everyone will be happy little bloggers!  There are plenty of places online to join up with other bloggers.  So find ones that suit your needs or your niche and have a presence.  Presence is also super important.  Don't think that just joining is going to make you millions of friends.  That is not  how it works. Community is all about being a part of something, so make sure you check in regularly and actually talk to people! I promise, it's fun and it's totally worth it!  Also, make an effort to check out and comment on other people's blog posts!  This will also make you friends and get you exposure.  So yay for community!

So those are just my top five tips.  I could seriously talk about this stuff all the live long day, ask Haven!  But alas, I cannot.  So if you have any particular questions you think I might be able to answer, then please do comment!  And if you have tips of your own, I'd love to hear them!!  I hope these are of some help to y'all! Keep your eyes out for future posts with the lovely Haven! In the meantime, don't forget to check out her blog, and also my Pinterest Blog Board!

XO, Briana