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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Obsessions

Hooray! It's finally spring! Or so we thought.  As I write this, we Philadelphians are just barely touching the 60s, and that's with winds that make it feel like 50.  And when I began writing this on the first "official" day of Spring, we were in the midst of a Nor'easter.  Like really? I'm so over this.  After living in the South for four years, I am even more affected by the cold than I was before.  As a person that is consistently cold, this is like cold times four hundred. Anyway, technically it is Spring, so we're just going to pretend that it feels like it.

So here are is my current Spring obsessions, including beauty products, fashion trends, and more!

1) Organix Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Oh. My. God.  Can I just say how perfect this set is.  As you probably know, I am a huge fan of Organix products.  I have the Moroccan Argan Oil set, as well as the Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner and they are both fantastic.  But recently, I noticed my hair has been really dry and frizzy and decided to venture to Target to get something new.  There it was, glowing in the fluorescent lights, a bright blue bottle that said the word sea on it.  I was immediately hooked.  It just happened to be that it was meant for dry hair! How lucky was that! Not only does it work wonders and give you mermaid like locks, but it also smells amazing.  Like you just came out of the ocean and drank a citrusy drink, that you may or may not have spilled in your hair. My curls were bouncy, shiny, and frizz free!  Totally worth it, right? And, there are two other products in the collection that I'm dying to try: moisture surge deep treatment and shimmering weightless moisture replenisher.  So basically, these are fantastic and make me think of Summer! So close, yet so far!!

2) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream

The title does not lie.  This is the product I have needed my entire life.  Being a curly girl, my hair tend to be frizzy no matter what I do or how many products I put in it.  I've tried gels and creams and oils, etc.. to no avail.  I mean, some things worked kind of, but instead of making my hair shiny it just made it look greasy. But this finishing cream is the answer I've been searching for.  It's a cream, not a gel so it's not sticky and its not oily like an oil (duh) or a shine spray.  You just put a bit in your hands, rub them together and slick it on your hair! And viola! Beautiful, frizz free, shiny hair! This really is flawless, and it is definitely now my secret weapon!


I am sooo excited about this Spring trend.  Like, for real.  I absolutely loooveee pastels! I think they are so chic and modern, but still feminine and pretty! They work in just about any style of dress, and I think it's a totally classic look.  Pastels are everywhere right now.  Not just in fashion, but also beauty, interior design, and more!  I know I'm guilty of buying pastel colored things on the regular.  It's a great pallete and a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Spring!  Here are some of my favorite pastel looks from the wonderful world of Pinterest!


4) The 100

Ok, so this is definitley one of my new favorite shows!  I know it's "just another post-apocalyptic, sci-fi young adult tv show" but no.  Really.  I kid you not, this show is great!  When I saw the preview for it I thought, "Wow that looks good!" and promptly set it to record on my DVR.  I made the right decision.  To give you a brief summary, the show is set in the future after the Earth was poisioned by radiation and deemed unlivable.  The remainder of the human race moved to a space station called the Arc, and lived there for almost 100 years.  Until the Arc's leaders found out that they were running low on oxygen.  To keep the population limited, any and all crimes are punishable by death, including minors.  They decide to send those kids, all 100 of them, to Earth to find out if its safe for them to move back there, since it seems to be their only option.  And that's when it gets really fun. Now I don't want to give away anything, in case I've convinced you to start watching it, but it's a good twist on the usual sci-fi show and it's got a good story and likable characters.  Definitely worth the watch! The 100 airs on the CW on Wednesday at 8PM, 7PM Central!  Or, catch up on what you missed here!

5) Under the Carolina Moon!

I am super excited to announce that I am now an official "Prepresentative" for the Easley, SC store, Under the Carolina Moon!  They have tons of adorable things, including tshirts, monogrammed items, and even Lilly stuff!  I absolutely love it and I'm sure you will too!  As an official Prepresentative, I just recently received a package with lots of goodies, including 2 tshirts, a monogrammed cup, and an UTCM vinyl decal! I can't wait to try everything out!  Keep your eyes open for future posts of me and my UTCM merch! Also, check out the store on their website here, or take a ride to the store if you're local!

Well, I could go on forever talking about things I'm obsessing over, since I kind of have an obsessive personality.  But I'll spare you the novel.  I'm sure I'll be posting more soon!  Be sure to check out the items and looks I've posted on their respective sources, let me know your thoughts, and if you decide to try anything out I want to know about it!

Happy Spring!

XO, Briana

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