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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Clinging To Summer: Wish List

Even though fall is technically my favorite season, I freaking love summer.  I can live without the scorching temps, but it's the vibe of summer.  That's what I'm all about.  Beach days, tropical drinks, bright colors, flowing dresses, and a wide variety of accessories.  Love it all.

I've always been the "surfer girl" type, even though I still haven't learned to actually surf.  I'm working on it, ok?! But for real, I've always wanted to learn.  When I was 14 and I finally got to redecorate my room from my baby wallpaper, it was all Maui, all day.  The walls are lime green with Caribbean blue, coral, and orange accents.  The border is painted over with stenciled Hibiscus flowers, and my mom and I even DIY'd some awesome fake surfboards for the wall.  Additionally, I had a grass bed skirt, a quilt with flip flops and flowers, and a cool umbrella over my bed.  Remember, these were the times of Trading Spaces so it was pretty "themey," but I loved it.  And I still do.

I bought books on how to surf, searched it on the internet all the time, and yearned for the days when I'd be at the beach.  I rocked the bohemian look along with a plethora of O'neil, Roxy, and Billabong tees with trucker hats, tie dye, and tons of hemp arm candy.  (see throwback pics below.)

This was teenage me for most of high school and college, with a little bit of prep thrown in (since American Eagle was the go to store at that time.)  As I am now, I was still a little all over the place.  But I've always liked that aesthetic and I still do.  I feel like it matches my personality: colorful, laid back, and fun!

With that all being said, I've recently come across some awesome things I'm dying to have before summer bids us farewell.  (Aka, until I can wear shorts without freezing my butt off.) I have a habit of keeping new things I find open in separate safari sessions on my phone.  So here are the things that currently reside there.

Wonderland Honolulu- Aloha Yoga Legging 
Aloha Xchng- Tropical Gangster Muscle Tee

Lil Coconut Hawaii- Island Girl Status Clutch

Ocean Ave. (via Society6)- You Had Me At Aloha Tee

Hana Maui Creations (via Etsy)- Gold Wave Ring


  1. Great article I love the aloha leggings ! Oh I'm so jealous of you learning how to surf ,I've always wanted to surf but in Greece this is pretty impossible ...Anyway your blog is really nice I've followed you !

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks so much Anna! I'm glad you liked it!! And I actually haven't learned yet, but it is on my to do list!! That's so cool that you live in Greece! I've always wanted to visit there! Thanks for the follow and I'll definitely check out your blog!

      XO, Briana

  2. Hi hun! I'm a writer at Undeniable Report as well. I found your link through the group, so I immediately checked it out! I looove your style. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more posts. By the way, I was trying to follow you via GFC, but it seems like it does not allow me to; I also tried your bloglovin button, but it's not working. I really want to follow you :( xx


    1. Hey Zoe!

      It's great to meet you! I'm glad we'll be both writing for UR! Thank you so much, I thrilled that you love my style and blog! I will be sure to sort out all of those issues so you can follow me! haha. Sometimes GFC is temperamental so let me know if it works later on! As for Bloglovin, maybe I need to update my button! lol. But thank you in advance for the follow and I am checking out your blog as well!!

      XO, Briana

  3. Nice style! Looking forward to future posts co