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Monday, November 3, 2014

Epic Brow Game with Paula Dorf

As you already know, I am all about an epic brow game. Funny enough, I didn't even think about my eyebrows (besides waxing them of course) until like last year.  But now, I'm obsessed and constantly looking for great eyebrow products!  And believe me, I've tried my fair share of pencils, mascara, waxes, tints, etc. I've finally found my favorite to date in the Benefit Gimme Brow.  It's wonderful and easy for every day brows.

However, I've also had the pleasure to try the Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows along with the matching brush, and let me tell you this is one of the best contenders thus far.  This handy little set comes with three pieces of pie: 2 brow colors in similar shades and 1 section of wax.  I was a little skeptical at first looking at it, since I didn't think the dainty looking wax would hold on my somewhat unruly eyebrows.  But once I used it, I found that I was totally mistaken.

The Paula Dorf set is very easy to use.  First you take the brush and dip it in the color(s) of your choosing.  Having two shades makes it easy to mix to get a color that best matches your brows.  Put that on in your desired fashion.  I like to first outline, then fill.  Then when your done that, dip your brush in the wax and glide it along your brows in the direction you want the hairs to sit.  Use as much as you feel comfortable with.  Everyone is different.

And voila! Epic Brows.  I like to use this set when I really want to define my brows and make them stand out (in an awesome way, of course).  Check out the before and after!!

I definitely recommend this brow set to all girls who want easy, great brows!  The set retails at only $26 and comes in 4 different color options: neutral, brunette, blonde, and red.  The one I have is the neutral and it worked great with my brows, even though I have very dark hair.  

Also, for being awesome followers, you get a SPECIAL BONUS!  Use the code BROWBRUSH to get a free brow brush with your purchase!

To check out this brow set and all of the other great products Paula Dorf Cosmetics has to offer, head over to their website by clicking HERE

And if you do decided to try it out, let me know! I want to hear about your experience and how you like it!! 

XO, Briana

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  1. I've never been much of an eyebrow girl but yours look so nice! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award over at my blog :)