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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Bucket List

So I've seen a few other bloggers have been sharing their summer to do lists or summer bucket lists and I thought I'd write one out for myself!  I always plan a lot of things in the summer time, but often either forget I wanted to do it or just never get around to it.  I feel like writing out a list and making the ideas tangible almost holds you accountable.  And it's oh so satisfying to check things off your list!  I know I've checked a few things off my lifetime bucket list in the past couple months and I feel so accomplished!!

Explore the area and take pictures of cool places and things
Visit the local record shop
Continue my surfing lessons
Read at least 3 books
Blog at least twice a week
Get outside as often as possible
Set up a studio area for painting 
Have a Shark Week party
Go to a concert
Go to the local Farmer's market
Spend more than one day in Charleston
Set up my bedroom exactly the way I want it
Learn a new craft
Do more Yoga

I'm sure this list will get longer as I think of things, but I think this is a pretty reachable list of things to check off for this summer!  I'll be adding a link to the top of the blog's home page and tagging all of my completed adventures! But I also want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the things I've already done! I know it's not technically summer yet, but here at the beach, as soon as the weather gets consistently perfect, it's summer time.  So quick shout out to this new, adventurous person I've become!


XO, Briana

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