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Friday, July 3, 2015

Patriotic Pinup with CoverGirl!

Happy Independence Weekend Y'all!! I'm going to be having so much fun being super patriotic this weekend (photos to come on social media) and I've been truly over excited about planning my outfits and makeup!  So I decided to show off my new CoverGirl goodies and give you all a super cute, Patriotic Pinup style makeup to rock on the 4th!

First off, let me talk about this makeup.  I had a mini freak out when CoverGirl contacted me to be a part of their blogger program and to test out these two awesome new products.  #fangirling.  Anyway, there was so many ideas I could use these products for, but I eventually settled on what is one of my go to looks (but amped up of course!).

CoverGirl the Super Sizer Mascara

This mascara has a lot to offer.  Now I have tried a lot, and I mean a LOT of different mascaras and this one did pretty well for itself.  I didn't find it to be as great as some of my premier brand mascaras, understandably, however within my drugstore collection it made pretty high marks!  The brush was my favorite part.  The way it forms almost an inverted triangle really gives you a variety when it comes to uses.  For example the smaller end is great for the baby bottom lashes and the thicker part at the top is perfect for getting those super volumized top lashes! Now I do want to share with you a handy trick that I didn't realize until I did a little research.  I didn't love this at first because I found that it was hard to layer without clumping.  I personally don't use more than 2 or so layers of mascara because I was blessed with naturally big lashes.  However, I was still getting annoyed with it when it was clumping after the first layer.  And then I found out that the trick is to twirl the want while applying! Such a simple fix, yet I'd never thought of it!  Once I implemented this technique, the clumping went buh bye and my lashes looked fab!  I give this 4 stars!

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner

I am a die hard liquid liner gal.  I have tried many, much of which I've hated.  But this is my new favorite by far.  What I love about this is that you get the best of all worlds of eyeliner.  You get the slickness of the liquid formula with the steadiness of a marker, the thinness of a brush, and the variety of a gel tip!  The tip of this liner is flat with thin rounded edges giving you the option of a thin or super thick line.  It's super easy to use and I didn't find myself struggling to make my wings even (which is a feat in itself.) I was able to make almost perfectly straight lines and the formula didn't rub off when I went over it a second time.  I really love this liner and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get their toes wet in the liquid liner realms.  5 stars!!

The Before & After

Am I the only one who looks insanely bored in all of my before pictures? I don't know man.  Maybe if I wasn't smiling all the time I'd have some pretty hot RBF. Lol.  But I digress.  The before picture is me in the foundation only buff.  Since I have been sick the past few days, ain't NO ONE want to see me without any makeup.  Believe me.  But onto the look.

I was going for a vintage pinup style with a little pizzazz.  So I started with a base of flawless looking skin, a little bit of bronzer, and some classic pink blush. I also did a little extra shaping of my eyebrows.

For the eyes, I used a nude color on my lid with a cool brown in my crease.  I also used a bright white, sparkly shadow at my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes.  For liner, I used a nude colored liner in my waterline and brought it into the inner corner of my eye as well as the inner half of my under eye. Then I used my CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner to get the perfect cat eye!  Last I used the CoverGirl the Super Sizer Mascara on my top and bottom lashes for big, beautiful lashes!

I topped it all off with a classic red lip with a little shimmer!  And voila! A sparkly, classic pinup look, perfect to pair with your red, white and blue ensemble! *Wink Wink*

Bonus!  If you like to get a little crazy when donning your patriotic garb, I added a little something extra to the eyes just for you! For a little extra oomph, grab a blue and red eyeshadow and go to town!  I just added blue under my eyes to about the half way point and then put the red winged out on the ends of my cat eye liner!  Surprisingly, it's really cute and not super obnoxious.  Just a little nod to the USA!!

So that, my friends, is my Patriotic Pinup look for you, brought to you by me and CoverGirl!!  Below I will list all the products I used if you want to exactly replicate this look or were just a bit curious!  Keep an eye on social media for my crazy weekend happenings, and be sure to share your 4th of July looks!  I'd love to see them!




 XO, Briana

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