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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Working Out with Evian Facial Spray

I've been wanting to try this for a while and finally this summer Evian was so kind as to send it to me to review! Yay!  This stuff is pretty darn cool.  It feels like you dramatically dumped a bottle of water all over yourself, except you don't actually get wet.

I took it for a test drive during one of my at home yoga sessions and I found that it was that one thing I didn't know I needed for my workouts.  When I started to heat up, I just misted my face and I instantly felt better, cooler, and refreshed!

Not only does it feel great, it's also good for your skin!  It keeps it hydrated and also wipes away sweat, which reduces breakouts and irritation!

My form isn't perfect, but I thought this shot was pretty cool!

There are a lot of uses for the Evian Facial Spray besides your workouts.  It's perfect for wherever you're gonna get a little steamy.  This will be in my bag for workouts, beach days, theme park adventures, the whole nine. In the pool or ocean, this mist will get rid of any chlorine or salt water stuck to you.  Your face will thank you!

Another cool thing about it is that it doesn't mess up your makeup!  So for all of those times when you just wanted to dunk your face in a pool of water but couldn't because your makeup was too on fleek (even though it was probably melting off anyway) now you have the perfect solution.  Just hold the can a little ways away from your face and mist!  You'll be delightfully cool in seconds.

Find out even more cool ways to use the Evian Facial Spray by checking out their website and liking their Facebook page!! 

XO, Briana

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