Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : March Pinspiration

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Pinspiration

Ya'll know I love me some unadulterated Pinterest time.  I spend more time on there than I wish to admit.  However, I find so much information, ideas, and inspiration from there that I just can't live without!  Here are a few pins that have been sticking out to me recently!

Ah yes, the hippie van.  Actually drove by a small place in Conway that was selling an old VW bus that was in awesome condition.  I screamed OMG as we passed by it and my boyfriend continues to make fun of me for it a week later.  But I am an avid VW bus fan and this interior is one of the exact reasons why I want one so bad!

 How cute is this?! I'm always looking for cute mermaid stuff because, well, I'm a mermaid! Duh! 

I am unhealthily obsessed with this wedding dress.  Like, I'm not planning on having a wedding any time in the very near future, but I love this freakin' dress.  Also the rest of the Berta Bridal 2016 collection is just as breathtaking.

I'm super anxious to get back on a board! Taking lessons last summer was a good start but now I'm a lot stronger and leaner and ready to shred some waves!  Also, how rad are these chicks' boards?!

Avocado toast.  Need I say more? Planning on making it a summer breakfast staple.

 Very important words.  Don't let the chaos of everyday life make you forget what it's all about!

Stone Fox Swim is my Pinterest muse.  I pin a LOT of swimwear and most of them are by Stone Fox. They just have the coolest suits and patterns!!

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