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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Studio Gear Cosmetics Dual Identity Wet/Dry Foundation

Hurray for multi-function products! I love a good two-for, so when Studio Gear Cosmetics asked me to try out their new Dual Identity Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation, obviously the answer was YES!  The set came with the powder foundation (in Sand), their Revitalizing Day Serum, and the #3 Domed Foundation Brush.

I will say my first impression was slightly confused.  I had a little trouble figuring out how to use the dual identity aspect.  But after playing around with it for a bit I found that this foundation is super versatile. They also have this handy-dandy video to show you how to use it! Check that out HERE.

There are several ways to use it: mineral powder foundation, liquid/cream foundation, mattefying finishing powder, or cream contour. I used it as the first three, since it wasn't dark enough for me to contour with (and I don't really like to contour, honestly.)

First I put on the Revitalizing Day Serum to create an even base for the foundation. This can also be used to mix with the foundation.  I really liked the serum! It wasn't sticky or super oily like some others I've tried and it seemed to make the perfect primer for the makeup!  The first picture is only the basic mineral powder foundation.  I'd probably only use it like this if I wasn't really going to wear makeup and just wanted to even out my skin a bit.  It didn't have much coverage on its own, and I need a little bit more on a regular basis. (Also, yes this is how I get ready in the morning. Bath robe and all.) Notice how visible my dark circles and accidental forehead tan are. I think once I can even out my skin tone it will look a great deal better!

In the second photo, I mixed the powder with a little bit of water to create the liquid foundation.  You could also try using the serum or your favorite moisturizer, but I didn't want my skin to look too oily.  I found that had a lot better coverage, but was a little hard to blend.  But once I did get it where I liked it, it looked great! My skin looked close to airbrushed; like I could not see a single pore.  I did find that I needed to layer a little bit on my problem areas (redness, dark under eyes, etc.) but overall I think it worked very well.  

Also, I just want to take a minute to talk about the brush.  It's amazing.  It was just the right amount of stiffness to really blend everything out but soft enough to not feel like I was scraping my face off (haha). But I really did like it and will absolutely use it for more than just this foundation.

For the final look I went back in again and used it as the finishing powder on top of the liquid, which really brought it all together by getting rid of any unwanted shine and nicely setting the makeup.  As for wear, I think it lasted pretty well throughout the day.  I noticed it fade a little bit but nothing out of the ordinary.  Overall, I think it's a great product! The coverage, while buildable, wasn't quite enough for me but I will absolutely continue to mess around with it to get a heavier coverage.  My favorite thing about the Studio Gear Dual Identity Wet/Dry Foundation is how smooth it made my skin look! Even though it didn't really help in covering those dark circles (I've honestly given up.  Nothing will cover them) I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, lol.  I would definitely recommend it, especially for those of you who are all about the natural look and want something easy and versatile.

You can nab your own Dual Identity powder at Studio Gear Cosmetics website HERE! Plus, Studio Gear is currently offering $5 off your purchase of the foundation when you sign up for their emails! Also, don't forget to check out the Revitalizing Day Serum and the #3 Domed Foundation Brush! Make sure you take a look at these for more details on these wonderful products!!  If you decide to try it for yourself, let me know what you think in the comments!

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