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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What's Goin' On?

My apologies for falling off the face of the earth...again.  Life has been pretty chaotic lately.  I've been juggling school, work, writing for the school paper, as well as an online internship and obviously running this blog!  I'm also now a proud new editor for CampusDIY!  So needless to say, I've got a lot going on. That's not even counting my personal life.  So unfortunately blogging has had to be pushed on the priority list.  But honestly, not for lack of trying!  So I'm going to update you all on what I've been thinking about lately, hopefully to your entertainment.


If you know me or have been following the blog for a while, you know I lovveeee Halloween.  I always start planning my costume around August or so and that was definitely the same this year.  But now we are a good way's into October and I think I've come to a decision.  About a million Pinterest searches later, I think I've decided on being a fortune teller!  I'm planning to put my own spin on it, but here are some ideas that have inspired me!

Hurricane Matthew

This has been quite an interesting one.  The uncertainty was probably the worst part, since we didn't really know how bad it was going to be or what to really expect.  It was also the first real hurricane I've been through, and I 100% do not recommend.  However, we survived with just some really loud phone alerts and some debris.  It was kind of fun in a way, since I've been off from school and work for almost a week and got to take time to do things like chill out and hang out with my friends.  The city suffered some pretty bad damage in places, but my heart did not. ;)

New Makeup

The thing I probably needed least in my life was more makeup.  But I got some anyway, because I do what I want.  My mom and I took a nice little trip to Ulta to pick up a few things, mainly the new Too Faced holiday set.  I got the Le Grande Palais set last year and I literally use it every day.  So I obviously had to get this years!  I got the Grand Hotel Cafe, the one shaped like a hotel with the three little pallets and I am not disappointed.  The colors are great and it smells really, really good.  I also got some new stuff from NYX and my mom got the Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Lady Balls, which I will probably wind up stealing, lol.  The color is nothing less than ravishing.


ACP Conference

Because I am a valued member of the school newspaper, we get to go on an (almost) all expenses paid trip to the ACP Conference in Washington, D.C.!  I'm really excited because I get to go away with some good friends while also getting to learn a lot about journalism!...and get crunk at night time lol.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to it and think it's a really awesome opportunity!  And honestly, how gorgeous is this hotel?!

Fall Weather

For the first time in foreverrrrr...we have some decent fall weather! (Yes, that was a Frozen reference.) I've slowly been pulling out a few fall pieces even though it's still been pretty hot recently, but today I excitedly threw on my boots and leggings with a 3/4 sleeve top.  I know that sounds not very fall, but just being able to wear long pants makes me happy.  I'm hoping it cools off just a smidge more so I can break out my big blanket scarves and jackets!

New Blog Stuff!

I've got a few posts in the works that I'm pretty excited about!  They are mostly reviews but on some really cool things, so those will be going up soon!  I'm going to try to post more often if I can but know that I'm still here even if I have a lull between posts.  Just bare with me for another month or so until the holidays and then I will have much more time to write!

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