Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : Update: #25DaysofFitmas

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Update: #25DaysofFitmas

So I know I said I would update on this weekly, but after I began, I felt that every two weeks or so would be sufficient!  I also said I'd be updating daily on social media, which I have also epically failed at.  Womp, womp.  That's what finals do to you! But just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I don't think about this challenge every day! So here are some of the things I've done so far!

Christmas gift shopping...for me.

This may not be the healthiest of habits for my wallet, but it sure felt damn good to get in a little retail therapy!  My credit card may as well be engulfed in flames but, you know what, it's Christmas!! Not all of that shopping was for me of course, but if I found something I really liked, I just bought it!  Unless of course I had a feeling it had already been purchased as a gift for me by someone else.  No one wants that awkwardness lol.  Anywho, I often feel like I have to justify buying things I really don't need, but in the spirit of "fitmas" I threw caution to the wind, said YOLO, and treated myself.  I decided that was ok in my book, as long as it wasn't something ridiculous.

Me time.

Being the introvert that I am, I desperately need some alone time now and then to refill my preverbal cup, especially with the amount of time I spend around people on the reg (aka. way too much). So now that I'm done with finals and am free of most responsibility, I've been making sure I get some time to just chill out and shut down for a little bit.  This could result in reading a book, watching tv or playing the Sims for more hours than I care to admit.

Cleaning my damn room already!

My room has been a disaster for quite some time.  I try to straighten up now and then, but with how busy I've been and the level of exhausted I am by the time I get home have prevented me from creating a space that doesn't look like it was hit by a bomb.  It honestly got so bad that I had to climb over stuff on the floor.  Like, not okay.  There was just always something else higher on my list of priorities, even though it was actually really bothering me.  So finally, I took the time to really clean up my room.  There are still a few things left to do, but overall it looks like a bedroom instead of a freakin pit of despair and that makes me feel worlds better!  Even now, I am able to actually sit at my desk and write this instead of nesting in my bed.  #Accomplishments.

Goals for the rest of the month!!

At this point, I haven't done much for my physical fitness.  Possibly the opposite if I'm being honest.  I've just been so stressed out that just thinking about going to the gym makes me want to cry and stuffing mozzarella sticks in my face makes life seem just a little bit better.  I'm aware that I'm taking super advantage of my new found metabolism and I'm going to start seeing all of the crap I'm eating if I continue.  Additionally, the holidays are literally the worst time to start trying to eat healthy. Like, I'm not stupid.  I know it's not going to happen.  Therefore my proposal reads as thus: I will try to choose healthier options and when I am faced with junk food, I promise to only eat them in small portions.  Also, I will wear my Apple Watch with pride and make sure to hit my move goals for the day, even if that means playing Just Dance for three hours with my little cousins. You can hold me to it!

Lastly, I really want to use my time off to mostly spend time with my loved ones but also to read, write, and work on getting more in touch with my spirituality.  All good goals I think!!

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