Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : A Happy Little Mess

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Happy Little Mess

Recently I've been day dreaming a lot about where I want to live after I graduate. Somewhere that's always warm and sunny where I can walk outside and be on a beach. I can actually see my little bungalow in my mind's eye, full of details from the wallpaper to the dishes in my cabinet.  An image of myself that reminds me of one of Lilly Pulitzer (below) will not escape my mind; me standing on the lanai in a silk printed robe, tan and with the biggest smile on my face.

Although this is a "dream" for a reason; it may be a bit far fetched for my financial status, but you gotta dream big baby! So I've put together a collection of photos from Pinterest & Instagram that really spoke to my dream house vision. I like to call it my happy little mess!

XO, Briana

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  1. Really cool photos! I love them all!
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    Alessa Bernal