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Saturday, March 4, 2017


Woah hey, where did February go?! That short little month just flew right by and I'm just now realizing I didn't post at all last month! I am so sorry for that. Life has been a bit chaotic lately, but in a good way! I got a big girl job (yay!) as an editor and prompter operator at a local news station which is pretty exciting.  I'm loving it already! With that, I have been working a lot in addition to my retail job AND school. So I'm like, pretty busy, but not enough to warrant a good excuse and for that I am sorry! I was on a roll posting once a week and I'm going to get back on that horse again starting NOW!

So for today's lovely little post I've decided to talk to you about how addicted I am to Instagram.  Like, it's really bad.  Whenever I have a free moment, I'm most likely checking my follower count, scrolling through my feed or searching for new people to follow. I like to call it, "instal-addicted." In all of my 'gramming, I've noticed that I tend to gravitate toward similar themes for lack of a better word, so I thought I'd just do a little roundup!

Anything Tropical

If there are beaches, palm trees or waves involved I've probably liked it and followed your profile because I just can't get enough! I love everything tropical.  Blame it on my Caribbean blood or my severe case of wanderlust.

Beachy/Bohemian Style

Well obviously you all well know that I am a fashion girl.  So pretty much any clothes I see that I would want to wear get my double tap. I particularly like things that are either super bohemian or surfer girl chic. Also there's the occasional couture gown or fashion show runway video. Love those too!

Makeup, makeup, MAKEUP!

Again, you know I am a makeup addict.  I love seeing the newest products, cool new looks and mini-tutorials! They inspire my own looks and help me add to that ever growing list of new things I want to buy.

The Bohemian Home

I've recently gotten really into home decor, and I love the super bohemian beach shack style (as you saw in my Happy Little Mess post a few weeks ago.) I'm slowly collecting a small mountain of ideas to implement when I finally get my own place!

Really Funny Shit/Really Cute Animals

Memes and puppies essentially.  Who doesn't love a good laugh or a puppy passed out on a steering wheel? I mean, come on.

Oddly Satisfying Videos

This miscellaneous category includes but is not limited to: calligraphy, cake decorating, weaving and mandala coloring.

AcaĆ­ Bowls

These take over my likes page mostly because they are really pretty and I know I'll never be able to make them.

XO, Briana

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