Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : Fall Trend Report!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Trend Report!

Hello friends! I never seem to realize how long it's been since I've posted until I actually log in and see the last post I published! In this case, it's been a little hectic and I've been working on several different things that I hope to bring to you in coming weeks!

With all that aside, I am excited for this post that I've come up with. It's nothing totally innovative, but I kept noticing certain styles popping up on Instagram (my social media platform of choice) and thought I'd curate my own little trend report! I'll link the images to their OP so you can follow these awesome accounts for yourself!

Cosmic Influence


I'm getting strong moonchild vibes from a lot of people this fall. Glittering stars and embroidered cosmos are constantly popping up! I've even seen a lot of moons and stars in jewelry styles. The cool thing too is that this trend seems to span a multitude of styles! No longer is cosmic influence reserved for the bohemian hippie chick in you.

All Wrapped Up


Wrap dresses and wrap/tie front tops are everywhere when it comes to the more tropical/beachy styles (aka, my style.) I'm personally obsessed with the printed maxis that XIX Palms has been showing off prominently all over IG. Simply stunning! While most of the styles I selected are on that more "endless summer" side, this trend can definitely be translated to a more polished style.

Fuzzy Feelings


Return of the floofy jackets! This trend has been making the rounds for a few years now, particularly with bohemian stylistas. Now it seems to be crossing over a little, but on the more subdued side. Even though I, sadly, can't really seem to rock this trend (I look like a really glamorous linebacker) I still love the fun and freedom of a gigantic fuzzy frock. Maybe I'll try the hoodie version!

What Goes Around...


The trend that started it all! I started to notice these little guys all over my feed and throughout my likes. I hadn't even noticed the amount until I went and looked! It seems like all my favorite tropical fashionistas are rocking these tambourine style bags! I personally enjoy the rattan styles, but they are showing in leather styles as well! Definitely a good staple bag to keep around all year long!

Breaking News-boy


Of all of the trends I've listed, this is the one that I went out and bought right away! I love a good hat, and I've been seeing this style all over. It seems to go with just about anything and looks good in a variety of colors, patterns and textures! I got a simple black felt one from Target that looks exactly like the higher end ones that have been circulating! It's an easy trend to get the "look for less" but still be on point! I personally love pairing this more menswear inspired topper with one of those feminine wrap dresses! Bonus points if it's in a tropical print!

What trends have you spotted for the season? Which are your favorites? Let's start a very fashionable conversation in the comments!!

XO, Briana

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