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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Beach Babe Gift Guide 2020


It's finally here! I don't know about you all but I am so happy to be enjoying the holidays as much as I can during this insane year. I'm also excited to be back from my blogging hiatus (more on that coming later) and bringing you my annual Beach Babe Gift Guide! This year it's bigger and better than ever! I tried to mix it up to give you options for every beach babe on your gift list! So without further ado, let's get gifting!

Products are listed from left to right starting at the top:

  1. Get Back Necklace - I have had one of these necklaces since I was a teenager and I still wear it all the time! Saint Christopher necklaces were first worn in the 70's by surfers and beach bums for protection and good luck. It soon became a cultural symbol. Get Back is continuing that tradition and offer the symbol in different shapes, colors and as different accessories. I think they make great gifts and you may also want to pick one up for yourself! ;) Bonus: Use my code BRIANA20 for 20% off.
  2. Paradigm Design Glow Rectangle Necklace - This simple necklace is a great staple piece for your jewelry collection! This style of necklace is very trendy right now but this is a classic piece that you'll be able to wear forever. It comes in different lengths and a small or large pendant. This beauty is gold filled and handmade in sunny California!
  3. Tidepool Love Hairclips - These hairclips are adorable! They make a great stocking stuffer and can add a bit of aloha to your beach babe's day! They come in several different shapes and make a great way to spice up your look now when earrings are difficult to wear. Bonus: These designs also come in earrings, keychains and even bun picks!
  4. Ryan Porter Make Waves Candle - A candle that smells good AND motivates you to get out there and make things happen? Sign me up! Candles are always a great gift but I love ones that have something that makes them special. The scent is described as "a dreamy aquatic cyclone of fresh citrus fruits, woody cedar and salty ocean waves." Also, the candles are 100% soy wax, fragranced with essential oils, phthalate free and crafted and poured by hand in the USA.
  5. Corkcicle Eola Buket Cooler Bag - This one is great for the more adventurous beach babe in your life. I have been a fan of Corkcicle for a while and I thought this cooler bag looked so sleek and cool. It comes in several rad colors, is big enough to fit several cans and even a bottle of wine. I also love the fact that it's a backpack. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to carry a heavy cooler in one hand along 800 other things when you're going to the beach.
  6. Shop Wrenn Melanie Rainbow Statement Ring - This ring is so pretty! I love that it's handmade with tri-colored gold. And who doesn't want to always see a rainbow?
  7. Sticks + Pohaku Aloha Friday Graphic Tank - Anyone else love some Aloha Friday? I know I do! Gift your beach babe a tank that she can wear to show off her love of Fridays! 
  8. Short Stack Hawaii via Kira Hawaii Not Today Brah Tee - There was no way I wasn't including this shirt in my 2020 gift guide. It this isn't the mood for this entire year, I don't know what is. 
  9. T&C Surf Uli Uli Girl Tee - How cute is this tee? I'm a sucker for a hula girl, and I really like that the design is embroidered on a v-neck. I also always love supporting small businesses. I stopped into this surf shop when I was in Haleiwa and it was wonderful!
  10. Tipsy Gypsy Peace Blanket - You can never go wrong with gifting a blanket, especially since were all mostly stuck at home still. I really like this throw since it's beautifully made and really adds to the decor of your living room or bedroom but is also super cozy! It comes in three different colors, so you're likely to find the perfect shade to match your beach babe's aesthetic. Bonus: It's ethically and sustainably made.
  11. Pirette Fragrance Oil - Guys. I got this fragrance in my Beachly subscription box and I'm in love! It comes in a little roller ball so the scent is more subtle and doesn't spray all over the place. It's also easy to take with you and comes in really nice packaging making it a perfect gift. The scent is made for a beach babe: a beautiful blend of coconut, surf wax, sunscreen and that sun-washed smell after a day at the beach. Yum.
  12. Coconut Bowls Coconut Soy Candle - Yes, I know. Another candle. BUT this one is in a coconut shell and crackles when you burn it. Plus it comes in several beautiful tropical scents.
  13. Twiggy Aloha Inside Small Organizer - As an actual adult, I appreciate things that make my life easier but still look cute. These organizer baskets check both of those boxes. They're great for storing anything from bikinis to balls of yarn and would make a great base for a gift basket.
  14. Jana Lam Hawaii Keychains - Keychains are always a great gift but they're even better if they are functional AND pretty! I love Jana Lam's signature colorful prints and having one with you all the time is bound to keep a smile on your face! They come in two different sizes and several different patterns and colors.
  15. Oceans End Hawaii Kennedy Mini Handbag - How cute is this mini handbag?! I absolutely adore the embossed monstera design. It's also got feet on the bottom, which is great especially right now where we're all hyperconscious of germs. If you're looking for something a little bigger, they have a few similar bags and in different colors!
What will you be gifting this year? Let me know your favorites in the comments!

XO, Briana

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Things Instagram made me want

Being home most of the time lately has given me plenty of time to mindlessly scroll through social media — mainly Instagram. 

My saves have been flooded with stuff I "need" and love that I will probably not buy lol. However, I thought I'd take a moment to share those things with you!

I've got a variety of things from beauty to clothes to home that are different, fun and make me smile! I hope they make you smile too and that you'll, maybe even, find something you like!

I will link each item to the original Instagram post as well as where you can buy them. All of the photos are from the IG accounts and are not my own. Also, #notsponsored.

Starting off strong with everyone's favorite intergalactic baby! I love "The Child," or as we affectionately call him, "Baby Yoda." I also love a good beanie. This one is not only cute but a unique color and Love Your Melon has great quality products. Plus the company donates HALF of their proceeds to nonprofits in support of charitable programming and research in the fight against pediatric cancer. PICK IT UP HERE.

This sponsored post got me GOOD. Does anyone really need a boba tea-themed mini fridge? Absolutely not. Is it absolutely adorable and functional? 100%. I saw this and started laughing because I love boba tea and thought this would be the cuteset skincare fridge! If you're into kawaii culture, you'll enjoy the things Smoko has to offer. I've never purchased anything from them so I can't vouch for quality, but boy are they cute. PICK IT UP HERE. 

Watch out! I love this little framed sign that says CAUTION: FALLING COCONUTS! How cute! If you know me, you know I live by a very beach aesthetic so Southern Mesa Trading Co. (based in Florida!) literally calls my name. She makes a bunch of different signs like this as well as some other really cool products like ornaments! They also do custom orders and custom colors. PICK IT UP HERE.

We already know Farmacy Beauty is an amazing skincare brand but this packaging really caught my eye! I love the wood lid and the frosted glass container. It just so happens that the product itself also speaks to me and had me at "ultra-hydrating." The Honey Halo has some great ingredients like buckwheat honey, shea butter and fig fruit extract to help hydrate, lighten fine lines and give you a dewy glow. It also comes with a little spatula to scoop out the product! PICK IT UP HERE.

Literally just anything from this brand, I'll take it! I love the aesthetic and the surfboard tongue design by Lydia Manter, I'm living for it. The sweatshirt (shown on the right) is also the first thing that I saw that turned me on to Her Waves! Again, I haven't purchased anything from them yet, so I can't speak to the brand, but I think they have some really cool things. My one critique is that their sizing is a little funky depending on the style. On some shirts they only have up to a 10-12, which they consider an XL, but then an XL on this sweatshirt is considered a 14-16. So you just have to be careful when choosing your size! The good thing is, if you really love a design or artist, they also carry prints and stickers! CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

I'm not sure how I came across this brand, but their based in my college town, Myrtle Beach! They have some really cool, beachy designs like this one and a bunch of products from mugs to clothes! I love supporting small, local businesses so I'll probably end up snagging this one! PICK IT UP HERE.

Another great mug! This one cracked me up. In case you don't know, "pendejadas" means "bullshit." LOL. Not much else to say about that, it speaks for itself! Also always happy to support a Latinx-owned small business! PICK IT UP HERE.

How cute is this palm tree print! I love the color palette and the sunglasses are adorable! I found this on the artist's Instagram, but you can actually snag this from TARGET! Unfortunately it's sold out already, but you can sign up to be notified if it's restocked! I'd love to have this in my office/studio when I get one! In the mean time, you can grab the print HERE.

If you've seen any of my photos wearing sunnies, they are 99% likely to be Quays. I own a pair of Ray Bans and a few other brands, but I have amassed a pretty big collection of these, including the black pair on the bottom there, BUT that burgundy/purple (it's technically brown) tinted lens with tortoise shell arms...I DIE. I love the High Key style, aka the only aviators that look good on me, and the colors of these are giving me major fall vibes. PICK THEM UP HERE.

I've mentioned REN Clean Skincare many times on my blog and this is a new product I'd like to add to my collection! I have struggled with dark spots for a while, mostly from when I had laser hair removal on my neck (PCOS problems). It's gotten significantly better over the years, but I still have a little discoloration and also when I do get a zit here and there, it often leaves a mark. Also if you have any kind of discoloration like sunspots or melasma, this could be a great fit for you! This is the Overnight Glow dark spot sleeping cream. It's supposed to help even you skin tone all while you sleep! If you have been reading my posts recently, you'll remember how much I love overnight products. I'm sure this one would be no exception. PICK IT UP HERE.

Ya girl has been in desperate need of some fluffy, comfortable slippers ever since my pair got destroyed (RIP.) They look similar to these, but this Mayberry pair from EMU Australia is a little more high end and luxurious. And with being in a pandemic where we're stuck inside in sweats most of the time, a quality pair of slippers could be a great investment! They're made with 100% Australian sheepskin and also have a rubber sole, so they have a little more support. Plus they come in a bunch of different colors! PICK THEM UP HERE. 

Finally, another one that speaks for itself: a palm print pillow with a neon-style "Talk to the palm" written on the front. What's not to love? This is totally my vibe and I'd love to have this in my future office/studio! It's from Skinny Dip London, which is a great brand with other really cool products to grab! PICK IT UP HERE.

Well, I could go on all day about cool stuff I find on the internet, but I'll cap it off here for now! Is there anything on my list that you have to have? What cool things have you found on social media? Let me know in the comments!

XO, Briana

Saturday, October 3, 2020

First impression: Cover Girl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation

It's been a hot minute since I've written a first impression, so when I put this foundation on today, I figured it was the perfect opportunity!

The foundation in question is the Cover Girl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation with coconut milk and aloe extract. I picked it up at Target this weekend after I had heard some good things about the Clean Fresh line.

Let me start by saying if you have sensitive skin or any sensitivity at all to aloe, skip this one. When I first put it on, I had some stinging around my top lip area for some reason. I don't have sensitive skin and no allergy to aloe so I have no idea what that was about.

Moving on from that, my overall first impression was that I was REALLY unimpressed.

I picked this up in hopes of finding a dupe for my two light coverage favorites -- the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector and the bareMinerals Complexion Recue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. 

Let's just say for the time being, I was not successful.

At first application, the foundation looked nice. It was very light but evened out my skin tone and gave me a glowy complexion. It was off to a good start. I will say I did need to use a LOT of product to get my desired look, even though I really don't need a lot of coverage. But the formula is a lot more watery than I'm used to.

Next was the concealer. At first application, it looked fine and meshed well with the foundation. No big issues here.

However, once I powdered, everything went down hill. 

I use a very light powder just to set everything and I try to just lightly press the brush down and now drag it all over the place, especially when I'm using a lighter base. But man, oh, man did that just destroy any hopes of my face looking good today.

Please excuse my ungroomed eyebrows LOL.

On powder application, the foundation just completely crumbled and caked. I went from glowy goddess to looking like I just took an eraser to my face -- shavings and all. There were little rolls of foundation everywhere. I was able to mostly knock them off with a brush but it was just a Band-Aid and they kept showing up as I applied my bronzer and blush. OOF.

Also my under eyes creased horribly. I'm not sure if this was a result of the concealer itself along with the foundation or the powder. But it also caked in other areas, especially where I had any dry skin.

Applying bronzer and blush was a nightmare. It just lifted the foundation completely off and left it looking blotchy. I was thankfully able to fix it with some TLC, but it took me sooo much longer than normal. 

After I set with spray, I got back a little bit of the glow, but it's still a cakey, dry mess. Let's just say I'm thankful I am A) wearing a mask and B) no one will be coming close enough to me to notice.

My main takeaways

My first impression was pretty bad. I will say that there is a possibility that this foundation could be really nice on its own and not set with powders. I'm really antsy about not setting because I don't like the way it feels on my skin, but I will give it a shot with cream products! But I will definitely say this is one of those products that does not play well with others. 

Also it's a foundation, not a tinted moisturizer, and does not have SPF, so I can't even demote it to sunscreen, which is unfortunate. 

I'm pretty disappointed because I had heard some good things about the line and $10 is a great price, but definitely not what I was looking for.

Also, I later noticed it made me break out! I do not have acne prone skin at this point in my life, so I'm just thinking maybe this formula wasn't for me.

One more note: I chose the color Medium, which wound up being the right shade for me, even though it looked kind of dark in the tube. So keep that in mind if you do decide to give this a shot.

Have you tried this foundation or anything else from the line? Let me know in the comments.

XO, Briana