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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Style Profile // Current Fashion Obsessions

So far on this blog I've talked about my adventures and such in the fashion/movie world but, I haven't really done any solid posts on my own personal style.  I find this quite important and a rather interesting topic, since I'm not your typical fashionista.  So I thought I'd put together somewhat of a "style profile" to give everyone an idea of what goes through my head when I get dressed in the morning!

When people ask me to describe my personal style, I have a lot of trouble answering.  What I wear is usually based on how I'm feeling or what kind of mood I'm in, besides the obvious question of, "Where am I going?" I'm also swayed by the season.  So I can try to give a vague analysis:

Summer: Bohemian/Festival/Preppy

Spring: Preppy/Girly

Fall: Rocker/Military/Sleek

Winter: Same as fall/18 layers of warm things/Maybe some Preppy...idk

Click HERE to see photos of my past outfits!

Like I said. I'm literally all over the place.  I basically go to my closet and say, "I'm feeling this today."  I guess I can't expect you all to understand if I don't even understand. LOL.  But pretty much what I've come up with is that I am a complicated person with a complex personality and a wardrobe to match.  I'm just generally a little all over the place in most aspects of my life.

One thing I can tell you with certainty is what I am loving right now! Here's a list of my top 5, with pictures courtesy of my Pinterest boards!

1. Leather

I'm completely obsessed with anything leather or "vegan leather" (I guess that's what were calling it now?). My favorite thing in the entire world is my Michael by Michael Kors Leather Moto Jacket.  I got it for Christmas last year and I literally wear it every day (if weather persists, and sometimes even if it doesn't) I actually wore this thing into about April in South Carolina.  If you can't understand my obsession from that then I just don't know.  You can see me rocking my baby in several of the pictures in the set earlier linked, along with more leather.


2. Spikes, Studs, and Skulls

I guess this goes along with the Rocker style I've been into recently.  I enjoy feeling/looking like a badass, sue me. Anyway, I'm totally digging the rock'n'roll hardware on pretty much anything. I even have a few staple bracelets that I wear almost daily that are little skulls! These picks definitely scream "wild at heart!"

3. My Color Palette

For this Fall/Winter my personal palette is: Black, Cream, Olive, Burgundy, Grey, Gold, Silver, & Leopard. Yes, Leopard is a neutral in my book ;) This palette to me, is chic but still has that rocker edge.  Which kind of describes me: Classy with an edge.  I love to wear black.  Not just because it's slimming, or because it goes with pretty much anything, being a neutral, but because it makes me feel sexy, I guess.  Which I personally find hard to come by, since my personality isn't really sensual for lack of a better word.  But black to me makes me feel independent and hot and confident which is why I wear it often.  With the right pops of color and metallics, it proves to be the perfect blank canvas for my kind of look.  Of course I still find time to wear color, mostly in accessories, but I personally like to wear my colors in the Spring and Summer.   But here are some outfits I've pinned that include my color palette!

4. Sequins & Sparkle

A la my blog title, sequins are big in my book right now. Not only are they very on trend, I also happen to enjoy a little...ok, a lot of sparkle in my life!! That includes my wardrobe! I've particularly taken a liking to the "casual sequin" trend.  Any excuse the rock the sparkles!  Sparkles work in accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, just about anything! Here are just a few of my favorites!

5. The Perfect Shades

I'm the kind of girl that wears sunglasses when it's cloudy out.  Do I care that everyone makes fun of me? Nope. I just love sunnies! I'd probably wear them inside if A. It wasn't so pretentious and B. If I could actually see where I was going. Either way, I never feel my outfit is complete until it has the perfect pair of shades. Right now I'm digging black, metallics, and tortoise shell!

So these are just my top five, remember, of my current style must-haves!  If you want to get a better feel of my style or see more of my pins, check out my Pinterest profile! You won't be disappointed, I promise!!

XO, Briana


  1. That Kate Spade watch is gorgeous. I want it!

  2. Love how you put this post together, I think it's definitely important to share your own style if you are going to talk about fashion. We all want to see the person behind the words!
    I also really feel you on the quotes you share, they describe you better than any clothes can! :)

    1. Thanks so much Irina!! I'm really glad you read and enjoyed the post! I also am relieved that you got what I was going for! haha :)

      XO, Briana

  3. Cool Blog!


  4. Such a nice post! So much inspiration in it :))

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it! That means a lot!

      XO, Briana

  5. Great post, I´m also all over the place ejejeje so I´m loving that forget the rules quote ;)

    1. Thanks!! Haha yeah girl, we just OWN IT!! :)

      XO, Briana