Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : January 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Liebster Award!

Hello Loves!! So recently I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Julia of Miss Trend She! (Thanks girl!) 

Basically, this award was made to help new bloggers, with 200 followers or less, build a larger audience and to spread the joy of the award itself.  All you have to do is follow these rules!

1) Mention the person who nominated you
2) Answer 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you
3) Nominate 11 new bloggers who have less than 200 followers
4) Come up with 11 new questions for your 11 nominees to answer

So here are the answers to the fabulous questions Julia left for me! And after I will list my 11 nominees and their questions! Enjoy! :)

1) Ryan Gosling or Joseph Gordon Levitt?
Umm, Ryan Gosling. Duh.
Yes Ryan. Yes we can.

2) Pro or Anti Valentine's Day?
Anti. I've only had bad experiences with Valentines Day.  So I'm kind of jaded I guess.  I refer to it as "Singles Awareness Day" and spend it alone eating chocolate and crying about my lack of love life. LOL.

3) What celebrity are you looking forward to seeing walk the Oscars red carpet most?
Jennifer Lawrence.  Not only is she hilarious, but she always looks fantastic!

I mean c'mon, how hilarious was this?!

4) What is your favorite fashion magazine?

5) What was your favorite fashion magazine cover from 2013?
Probably when P!nk made the cover of Glamour's June issue.  She's my girl!!!

And that DRESS!!

6) Chocolate or Vanilla?

7) Flats or heels?
Heels are pretty and make me tall, but I'm definitely a flats kind of girl.  Heels are just so uncomfortable! I can look pretty and enjoy myself more without trying not to break my ankles!

8) Favorite subject in school?
In high school, I always liked science classes.  And in college my favorite classes were always my vocal lessons!

9) Worst beauty flub you've ever had, style or makeup wise?
Hahahaha. Well.  When I was in middle school I went through a "punk rock" phase.  I was obsessed with Green Day, wore black all of the time, and wore waaayyy too much eyeliner.  I pulled it off, but it was definitely not my proudest fashion moment.

10) Movie that you wish was your life (if only for a day)?
Hmm, I'm going to have to pick one of my all time favorite movies, 13 Going on 30.  I've loved that movie since it came out and I always thought it was awesome that she was a magazine editor and had the coolest apartment with an enormous closet.  And she marries Mark Ruffalo! Adorable!

11) Most exciting thing that happened to you today or made you smile?
Today I was invited to attend a show as press during New York Fashion Week! I get to bring a friend and there's an after party! Stoked!

Well that's enough about me! On to the nominees! You have no idea how hard it was to pick 11! Be sure to check out their answers to my questions!!

[In no particular order:]

1) Linds & Bells
2) Janet's Journee
3) Chat Over a Cup of Tea
4) The Style Selections
5) Confessions of a Style Cookie
6) Duo Du Jour
7) The Empty Teacups
8) Cameron with Chocolates
9) The Monogrammed Miss
11) Classy Cathleen

If I have accidentally misinterpreted your number of followers, please let me know so I can fix it up! Thanks!!

Here are your questions!

1) What is your favorite thing about blogging?
2) If you were a Disney character, who would you be?
3) Describe your style in one sentence.
4) What is your favorite drink? (alcoholic or non!)
5) What is your guilty pleasure song?
6) Are you into sports, or is shopping your cardio?
7) Tell us about the coolest event you have been to, or one you would like to attend.
8) What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?
9) What is your go to beauty/skincare product?
10) If you could travel to anywhere for free, where would be your first pick?
11) Summer or Winter?

Hope you have fun answering these! I can't wait to read what you all have to say!

XO, Briana

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Preppy Lady!

Hey guys! So I was recently tagged by my fellow blogger, The Monogrammed Miss, in a preppy Q&A! This is the first time I've ever done one of these, so bear with me! Hopefully you will all find it interesting and get a peak at my preppy side!

1) What is your monogram and what is your favorite monogrammed item?
My monogram is BRL and my favorite item is my gold monogram necklace!! I just got it for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

2) If you could design your own Lilly print, what would it be named?
Can I just say, this is a fabulous question. And a very hard one! So, if I designed my own Lilly print, it would be bright yellows and oranges and I would call it Morning Mimosas! So cute!

3) Seersucker or gingham?
Umm, both?!

4) What is the preppiest clothing item in your closet?
Hmm...probably my collection of button down shirts! Especially the gingham ones!

5) Are you a Jackie, an Audrey, or a Lilly? (Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Lilly Pulitzer)
Definitely a Lilly.  The perfect balance of sweet and sassy! ;D

6) How many koozies do you own, and which are your favorites? (If not, your favorite cups, tumblers, camelbaks, etc...)
Although I have a good amount of all of those things, my favorite is definitely my Guy Harvey Tervis Tumbler.  Its got sea turtles on it!!

7) What item is at the top of your preppy wish list?
Wow, that is a long list. HAHA. But I would have to say a printed Lilly dress!

8) Who is your style inspiration?
I actually draw inspiration from my peers for the most part.  I love going online and looking through Pinterests and blogs and endless OOTD posts on Instagram.  From there, I put together my own ideas.  I'm also inspired by runway shows and high fashion!

9) If J. Crew didn't exist, what would be your favorite store?
I actually love Nordstroms and Macy's. And also TJMaxx and Marshalls.

10) What is your favorite frocket or preppy brand T-shirt?
The Fraternity Collection!

11) Describe your style in three words
Classic. Pretty. Colorful.

12) What is one item that every preppy lady should own?
A perfect string of pearls, of course!

XO, Briana

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Napwell = Nap Well

Hey everyone!!

So I recently came across some new technology that I just had to share with you all!  Now, I know that I personally am a huge fan of naps.  I just love to sleep in general.  And I'm sure a lot of you do too.  I also know that sometimes napping doesn't always go how you want it to.  For example, you say, "Oh I'll just lay down for 30 minutes!"  And then you end up sleeping for 2 hours and wake up feeling groggy instead of refreshed.  I've been in search of the right way to nap through Googling and searching Pinterest and various other sites.  Some things seemed to help, but not to the extent that I wanted.

Then I found Napwell.  Napwell is a prototype sleep mask that not only times your nap, but gradually wakes you up with a simulated sunrise.  The key to a good nap is not waking up abruptly in the middle of your sleep cycle, so when you wear the Napwell sleep mask, you can sleep soundly without worry!  This thing is really cool.  I promise.  Created by an MIT student, this is the first one of it's kind!  See it in action for yourself and read more in depth info here, on their Kickstarter Page.

XO, Briana

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

TBT: Philly Fashion Week 2013

Hey Everyone!

So I was tromping around through my photos and blog post and I realized I never got to do a full on post for September's Philly Fashion Week! So this post is dedicated to recapping my favorite moments of the Fall 2013 Philly Fashion Week!!

Kick off Party!

So the week started off with the kick off party at Sugar House Casino!  There was hair being done by Tommi Studio, music, drinks, and lots of networking!  It was a great time!

Jewelry/Accessory Show

The first event of the week was the Jewelry and Accessories show at Tommi's.  Angela and I were there representing for the Sylvan's Collection Jewelry line.  We made some good sales and some new contacts!

The Gala

Next up was the PFW Gala! It was set outside the scenic Philadelphia Art Museum where the models used the steps as their runway.  There were tons of gorgeous dress on and off the runway!  I rightfully wore a navy sequin gown! ;)  

We even hit up the food trucks parked outside the party!!

Ready to Wear Night

The first night of runway shows was the Ready To Wear Collections.  We got to sit front row, which made me feel really special (haha!).  I took so many pictures that I ran out of room on my camera! But here are my top three favorite looks!

Haute Courture Night

Personally, couture is my favorite.  I feel it allows designers to express them self at the next level.  Without the worry of "can anyone really wear this?"  Again, I filled my memory card with photos.  But here are my top three for this night!

Overall I had a really fantastic experience attending my first Philly Fashion Week!  I'm super excited to hopefully go as press this year to see the other side of the events! So be on the look out for some major bloggage!!

Any questions on the designs you see here or anything I'm wearing, comment and I'll answer! If you're interested in Philly Fashion Week, click here for this seasons schedule! :)

XO, Briana

Friday, January 3, 2014

Workout Ready! (Influentser Violet Vox Box Pt. 2)

To complete my series of Violet Vox Box posts, I'll be reviewing the last three products in my box: the Cranberry Soy Joy, the Goody Athletique Yoga Headband, and the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

All of these products are great for your time before, during, and after the gym! So here is the Workout Ready review and how you can implement these great products into your routine!

Pre-Workout: Soy Joy Cranberry Bar

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I know that when I'm about to go to the gym I sit for a good 10 minutes trying to decide if and what I should eat before working out.  Now, I know something with proteins and nutrients will give you energy, but I don't want a heavy stomach and I need to get going.  Enter, Soy Joy. These bars are your new favorite pre-workout snack!  This little bar not only fills you up, it gives you a boost of energy and it tastes great! Not like those yucky protein bars health nuts are always pushing.  Step aside kale shakes, we're having soy!

Soy Joy bars are made with all natural ingredients: ground whole soy and real fruit!  They also fit into just about any diet.  The bars are gluten free, vegan, and low in carbohydrates.  Soy Joy bars also have several health benefits: they are packed with nutrients, they help keep your hunger in check, and they also help maintain weight. 

In my Vox Box I had the cranberry flavor bar and I absolutely loved it.  The taste was great and it kept my appetite down for a good deal of time. I would recommend anyone to try it!  For more information about Soy Joy, check out their website! 

During Workout: Goody Athletique Yoga Headband

My whole life I've had issues with fabric headbands.  Whenever I put one on, they seem to slip right off of my head, usually resulting in me throwing it across the room and grabbing a toothed one.  That was until I tried the Goody Athletique Yoga Headband.  The headband has a Velcro closure that helps to find that perfect size, especially if you have a little head like me.  While working out, the headband stayed on and did its job of keeping my hair out of my face.  It also looks super cute and will make you feel good during your work out.  The last thing we want to worry about is hair in our faces and all over the place, right ladies?! The other awesome thing about this headband is the moisture-wicking fabric. Unlike other fabric headbands, this one doesn't make your forehead hot, it actually helps to keep it cool! Perfect for a great workout!

For more hair ideas, check out my Good Hair Day! Pinterest board.  For more information about Goody products, check out their website!

Post-Workout: Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I know how much I hate the post-workout sweaty hair.  I'm guessing everyone else feels the same. I've tried many different ways to make my hair look decent when it obviously is not and I have failed more often than I've succeeded.  Failed being I wind up with a hat on my head.  Through my endeavors, I've concluded that dry shampoo is my best bet.  The next step was finding the right brand.  Thanks to Influentser, I have found it.  The winner is Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.  

If you don't already know, dry shampoo is a gift from the beauty gods.  It's like washing your hair without all of the pain of actually washing your hair and re-styling it.  It takes about 10 minutes total and doesn't require your full attention for about 9 out of those 10.  You can use it in three easy steps:

Step 1: Spray.  Keeping the can about 3 inches from your head, spray the area where your hair is greasy until it turns slightly grey.

Step 2: Wait.  For about 8-10 minutes, leave the spray in your hair.  Do something else while you wait.  Have a snack, fix your makeup, check Facebook, whatever floats your 10 minute boat.

Step 3: Brush.  After you've done your waiting, grab a brush and brush the area where you sprayed until all of the grey is gone.  I used the Goody Tangle Fix Hairbrush (another product that I absolutely loooveeee.)

And viola! Your hair looks shiny, but not greasy! Like you just did it!  This dry shampoo is great and really gets in there to get out all the gunk in a pinch.  

For more information about Clean Freak and the other great Not Your Mother's products, check out their website!


That's a wrap on my Violet Vox Box courtesy of Influentser! I loved all of the products I received and will probably purchase some of them myself!  Keep an eye out for the possibility of future Vox Box reviews!

XO, Briana