Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : Trend Watching at Lincoln Center {Fashion February}

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trend Watching at Lincoln Center {Fashion February}

So as I am much aware that today begins our so long awaited March, I'm going to continue with my Fashion February posts, since all of these things actually happened in February! I have been quite the busy bee! As you already know, I had the pleasure of making my way to NYFW this season.  Although I didn't get to see any of the shows inside of Lincoln Center, I did get to trend watch outside!  This has seriously become one of my favorite past times.

This season, it was all about the coats.  Since it was so cold, everyone was wearing one and they were all so unique!  I saw a wide range of styles: preppy, mod, grunge, bohemian, you name it!  I snapped some cool shots of just a few of my favorites! My personal obsession right now is the fur (or faux fur) coats!  They look so luxurious and chic and can pump up any outfit! Also, most girls were wearing their coats in a cape style fashion, simply draped over their shoulders.  I thought that was so classy and feminine!  Definitely something I would try in the future! I also saw a lot of plaid and pastels.  Plaid is always in style, if you ask me, but pastels are beautiful for late winter and perfect for spring! Another thing that is always in style; Leather! Wearing leather in almost any piece is instant rocker chic.  I love the styling in the last three pictures; the girl (fourth row right) working the leather sleeves with lots of bold print and color, the girl with that outstanding lip dress rocking her leather jacket, and also the coordinating trio at the bottom! (Side note: I'm loving that guy's ombre pants!!)  Another thing I saw a lot of was the classic wardrobe staple, the camel colored coat.  Camel goes with pretty much anything and is uber chic, in my opinion.  My girls here paired it with metallics, plaid, and (my personal favorite fourth row left) mixed prints.

 Overall, most people were dressed very fashionably!  I guess people are a little more outlandish in the fall (see my Fall Fashion Week trend-spotting post).  I'm really excited to try out some (or all) of the trends I saw this season and implement them into my personal style!  What I'm most excited about is the pastels!! I'm not kidding when I say excited either.  I absolutely love that chic, luxurious quality that seems to have been floating around recently and I need  to participate in that.  So be on the look out for my attempts.

Speaking of pastel, another lovely pastel thing I got to try was macarons!  I've been dying to try them, since I see them everywhere online, at least once a day.  And also because of Gossip Girl (obviously.)  So I decided to get in touch with my inner Queen B and make my way to the Macaron Cafe!  Can I just say, this was a huge mistake because I'm now officially an addict.  We got a few different flavors to try, including PB&J (my first), passion fruit, Nutella, and apple pie!  They were all amazing and I'm currently on the hunt to find a place in Philly!  (P.S. if you know of any, don't be shy!!)  I also just found out that the Macron Cafe ships nation wide!! Needless to say, I'll be expecting a package soon...

Me before the magic.  About to eat my first ever macaron!

I was definitely channeling Blair Waldorf that day, not only through macarons and tromping around NYC, but in what I wore! Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot, but you can see my Juicy Couture beret an my aeire sequined polka dot top!  I was also wearing a black Ann Klein coat, Betsey Johnson scarf, Wildfox hoodie, black damask leggings and necklace from Target, and my The North Face snow boots (since of course it had to snow...)  

 So this is just the first half of the day! I also got to do a mini photo shoot at the Snowman NY showroom!  That will be the next post, coming very soon!

XO, Briana

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