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Saturday, November 22, 2014

KISS InstaWave Curling Iron: Review & Tutorial

Hey all! It's that time again, where everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc!  I know I'm starting a little early this year on the Christmas train.  I've already started shopping and planning my outfits (#fashionbloggerprobz)  Any who, with outfits come hair and makeup. And I've found the perfect tool for all of those party hair styles!

Introducing the KISS InstaWave curling iron!  This tool is pretty awesome if you ask me.  It's a super easy way to get beautiful waves and curls with only about half the effort of a regular curling iron or wand.  I don't know about you, but I have a LOT of hair and my arms get pretty tired after curling my entire head.  But with the InstaWave, I found it's automatic capabilities to make the job wayyy less daunting.

Here's how it works:

After prepping your hair for heat styling, pull out the piece of hair you wish to curl.  I found that sections at about 1 inch worked best with the iron.

Next, place your hair on the iron.  There are spokes around the edges where you can slide the piece in.

Then, let the iron do its thing!  Use the curl dial to choose which way you'd like to curl your hair.  I found with my long hair that it worked best twirling away from your head.  Just make sure you're careful that you don't start too close to your head.  You don't want the iron to catch on other pieces of hair and pull toward your head.  With some practice, I think I pretty much mastered avoiding this.

Last, hold the iron with your hair on it for the desired length of time.  Like any other iron, the longer your hold it there, the tighter the curl. When you're satisfied, just pull the iron down to release.

And viola! Easy, awesome curls!  There's a lot you can do with this iron too which is one of the reasons I like it so much!  When curling my top/short layers, I was able to use the iron at different angles and it still worked great! Plus, you can change the temperature to further customize your curling experience.

Here's the specs:

  • KISS InstaWave is completely automatic and tangle free
  • Curl dial features left and right options
  • Iron has low and high heat settings
  • Highest temperature is 420 degrees
  • Iron shuts off automatically in 90 minutes

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this curling iron!  It's really great and so easy to use.  It also made the process quicker for me.  Plus, it was actually really fun to use!  Much thanks to KISS and BrandBacker for sending it to me to try out!  More than stoked to have it in my collection.  For more information, check out the KISS InstaWave website, or try the iron out for yourself!  It's available at Ulta, Target, and!

XO, Briana

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  1. I have tried many curling irons till now but nothing really worked well for me. I never used this one but I would like to give this one a shot, after reading this nice review.