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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Pop of Pink: Paula Dorf Cosmetics' Passion Blush

As you all well know, I am a certified makeup addict.  Although I have an excessive amount of mascaras and lip glosses (it's legit out of control) I only have a handful of blushes, and like one that I actually use.  I'm very partial to MAC blush because of their formula and pigmentation.  Along with that, every one I own is somewhere in the range of coral.  And every time I'm drawn to a blush color while shopping, it's either something ridiculous and neon (because shiny, duh) or my standard beachy coral. But recently I've been on a mission to step out of my coral comfort zone and try some new colors and brands.  Since coral blush tends to read kind of summery (obviously I don't care all that much lol) I decided I needed something of a go to for the winter months.

In the midst of my search, along came Paula Dorf.  I have worked with this company in the past, a la my review of their brow kit.  Which I use basically every day.  It's wonderful.  So when the opportunity arose to work with them again I was ON IT.  And BONUS, it was a beautiful, pink blush.

When I received the color, appropriately named "Passion", I was hesitant for above reasons (not coral.)  But I was excited to get to try something new without breaking the bank.  Now most of the time when I put on blush, I swirl my little blush brush around and buff that product pretty hard into my face.  For some reason, my foundation or my face or whatever makes it so that it doesn't take the pigment as well as when I swatch on my hand.  Therefore, I have to work a little harder and layer a bit.  Never bothered me.  But when I went to do the same with this blush, I was pleasantly surprised to look a bit clownish at first.  Woah, this blush is super bright and well pigmented!  But after I buffed the color in a bit, it was love at first blush (haha see what I did there?)

After I got past the not coral test and tried it on, I found I really loved the color.  It's a very pretty pink with that great pigment and also wonderful staying power!  With past blushes, I notice they tend to fade throughout the day, regardless of primer and setting spray.  With this one, it stayed much longer and once it did start to fade, it still looked like a cute natural blush instead of like I was having a heat stroke lol. Also, the color is great for an all year round glow!

All in all, the blush was wonderful in every way.  Paula Dorf Cosmetics is an amazing company with a fantastic line of products, all of which I'd like to try some day!!  I want to thank them so much for asking me to continue to work with them in reviewing this product!

In addition, they are offering me and all of my lovely followers an extra 20% off of any cheek color purchase!! So if you want to try this color (Passion) for yourself, or pick a color that better suits you, (There are a bunch of beautiful shades!) click HERE and use the code CHEEK at check out!!!

XO, Briana

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