Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : February 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

InstaNatural Skin & Hair Care

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving an awesome collection of organic ingredient products from the company InstaNatural.  Right off the bat I was excited because I'm basically obsessed with anything organic.  After anxiously awaiting my package, I received three products:  The Argan Oil Hair Mask, a bottle of straight up Argan Oil, and the Vitamin C Facial Serum.

Vitamin C Serum

The first thing I tried out was the Vitamin C Serum.  I was excited about this one because I've already become a facial oil lover and I was so sad when I ran out of my Valentia bottle that I reviewed over the summer.  So I was more than ready to try out a new one!  I started off by using it every night after washing my face.  The scent is very strong of oranges, which is nice, and I like how it makes my skin feel tight and refreshed.  After using it every night for a couple weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin!  I have some light redness in my cheeks and chin and after using the oil that seemed to clear up.  Overall my face just feels better and healthier!

Argan Oil Hair Mask

Next I tried the Argan Oil Hair Mask.  All I can say is OMG.  This mask is probably my favorite that I've tried to date.  It's super easy to use and worked wonders on my dry, frizzy winter curls.  After washing and conditioning my hair as usual, I towel dried and then put the mask on.  I left it in for about 10 minutes, went about my business, and rinsed it out!  I didn't put any product in my hair so that I could truly see the results and let me tell you, my hair looked sooo good!  It was shiny and less frizzy than normal.  I also noticed it gave my hair a little more volume than usual, which I loved.  The jar says to use it once or twice a week, and I probably will.  It's great for when your hair just needs a little extra nourishment.  Definitely something good to have on hand!

Argan Oil

Last I tried the plain Argan Oil.  I was a little hesitant to use this because putting oil on my hair and skin and nails and what have you because all I picture is my hair looking like an oil slick and just being all sticky and stuff.  Ew.  However, that is totally not how it is.  I decided to try it out by just putting a little bit on my super dry elbows.  Because no one likes to have dry elbows.  Ever.  After using it three nights in a row, I was already seeing results!  Even after the first night I noticed my elbows weren't nearly as dry and it's gotten better and better each night!  The oil is great for super dry skin and I can't wait to try it for other things!!

Overall, all of the InstaNatural products were absolutely wonderful!  Not only are they great products to have in my collection but they also come from a great company.  InstaNatural uses natural and organic ingredients from all over the world to bring their customers the best in natural beauty products!! They offer a full line of skin care along with a few great hair care products.  Check them out at the website here!  I've also linked the headers to their respective products.

Much thanks to InstaNatural and BrandBacker for allowing me to try these out.  I can't wait to see the continuous results!!

XO, Briana

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pinspiration: Escape

Lately I've been inspired by fellow bloggers who sometimes post a series of pins that caught their eye or inspired them in some way.  Since I discovered this "pinspiration" posting, I've been wanting to do a few myself.  I just love the random order of it all, how they don't necessarily go together in the traditional sense but somehow still make sense.  So here is my first, of many, pinspiration posts.  I called this one "Escape."

All photos are linked to their original source or their location on my profile (if I couldn't find the original link)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Style

Hey everyone!! So even though I will be pathetically single for Valentine's Day this year (again) I decided to stay with the spirit and put together some cute outfits!!  Basically, I'm living vicariously through everyone who will be actually doing something on the 14th besides what will most likely be me and my cousin killing a couple bottles of wine.  So take this as an, "if I was doing this, this is what I would wear" kind of thing.

So if I did have a fancy date, this is what I would put together:

Fine Valentine Dining

Since I'm always itching for a reason to dress up, what better venue than a fancy restaurant?!  I know it's soo cliche.  How creative right? (#sarcasm) But really, that's the most common date for a reason! Great food, great conversation (and great clothes) always make for a good night.

I based this look around its focal point; the dress.  I accented it with a simple pair of pumps, a flirty clutch, and lots of diamonds.  They don't have to be all real diamonds, but you get the idea,  Very classic, very chic.  For hair and makeup I did a styled ponytail, big lashes, and light pink nails.  Too much makeup won't look good against that bright red dress so I think a simple face is enough.  Maybe a swipe of lipgloss ;)

The next outfit would be suited for a different kind of date.  One where we stay in and watch some romantic movies, eat some chocolates, and cuddle.

Flirty Night In

For a night in, I paired a cute pair of boyfriend jeans with a pink slouchy sweater and pair of cheeky little flats.  Add a super fem bra to give it a sexy factor and minimal jewelry; a longer necklace and simple bracelet will do.  Bring along a cute tote bag to stash all of your favorite movies and snacks. For hair and makeup, sweep those locks into a side braid and keep makeup simple with  nice blush and swipe of black liner.

So those would be my ideal date outfits for Valentine's Day.  However, seeing as though I will not have a date this year, I've put together two additional outfits for spending the holiday with the girls.

Dance Away V-Day

If you plan on spending the night out dancing with your posse, a funky look is a must if you ask me. I put together a look centered around this adorable lip skirt (themed but not over the top is key!) doing mostly black pieces to make it stand out.  I paired the slightly flared skirt with a sporty crop top and a crazy little faux fur jacket.  I love this with a strappy patent leather stiletto, and the black lip bag mimics the skirt without being too "matchy matchy."  Top it all off with a spiked statement necklace and a bit of good, old fashioned sass and your good to go.  For hair and makeup, I stuck to voluminous "bed head" hair, a smoky eye, light pink lips, and silver nails.

Last but not least is the Valentine's Girls Brunch.  Everyone loves brunch, so why not celebrate the holiday with your best girls!  Here's an outfit I put together that is made for the ladies who brunch. Super classy and feminine, perfect for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Brunch

Again, I stuck to one main piece (in this case the dress) and worked my way around it.  For me, I like to look put together but still comfortable, so I paired a rather busy printed dress with a simple nude flat.  Keeping with the classic style, I added pearl earrings and some dainty stacking rings for the jewelry.  I picked a small cross-body bag to make it easy for carrying while adding a pop of color.  I kept makeup simple: just a bronze glow with a sheer lipgloss; and hair in a crown braid for a modern romantic touch.  (Also to show off those earrings!) Top it all of with a light floral scent.

I love all of these looks because they're all different in style but have the same romantic Valentine's Day vibe.  I often use Polyvore to make the outfits I'll always want to but never actually wear.  Which is unfortunate.  But I also use it to organize my thoughts when it comes to planning outfits with things I actually do own.  But I hope I was able to inspire you with these outfits or turn a light bulb on in your head as you remember "Hey, I have all of the things to make that outfit!"  This year, I'll probably be wearing what I usually wear, which is active wear.  But maybe it will be pink.  Who knows.

Regardless, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  If you want someone to commiserate with, you know where to find me.  Or if you want to share your V-day outfit ideas let me know!  I'd love to see them!

XO, Briana