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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just a Little lulu

So I've been digging my wardrobe lately, mostly because it consists of stretchy pants and comfy tops.  Don't judge me.  We all know you wish you could wear leggings to work.  Any who, even though most of what I wear to work is lululemon brand, I've been having fun styling my outfits.  Because as comfortable as it may be, it gets kind of boring wearing black pants and a workout top everyday.  Especially for a fashionista like me.  So I took a queue from some of my genius coworkers and mixed it up a bit.  This includes mixing my lulu with other brands and using staple pieces and accessories to spice up my looks.  This allows me to be comfy, hardcore rep for the brand, and also express my personal style.  So I thought I'd make just a little post dedicated to some of my looks thus far.  I know there are many more to come, so I'd say expect a part deux.

For this outfit, I'm wearing three lulu pieces: Wunder Under Crops, the Salutation to Savasana top, & the Manifesto Energy Bra (not pictured, Instead of wearing a track jacket or a hoodie, I opted for my Lucky Brand denim jacket and wore my super badass shark tooth necklace from Geometric Theory on Etsy.  I really loved this outfit because I felt like I was styled and not just wearing workout clothes.  And btw, this shirt is amazing,  I couldn't get a great picture of it on, but here's the original lulu picture.  So freakin cute.

This outfit was a little more on the work out side, but it's a good example of mixing my brands.  And I felt particularly cute that day.  Here I have on my lulu Wunder Under Pants (that are reversible btw!) and my aqua colored Energy Bra (which I'm basically obsessed with this style. I have 3 and counting).  The top is from JCPenny's and the jacket is DC.  Topped all off with my trusty Nike flip flops.  I liked this outfit because I really love that print and I was comfortable, yet still stylish!  

Here is a good example of nailing your active wear accessory game. I was killing it this day in all black with my lululemon grey track jacket (super comfy and the moisture wicking is fantastic for those days when you're cold, but still kind of hot and sweaty if you know what I mean) and my hot pink Diversity scarf.  The scarf is very large, so it kind of needs to be the center of attention.  So offsetting it with neutrals and pulling my hair back was perf.  Also, my Lucky Brand Om earrings are my staple.

First off, how cute is this collage I made?! Sorry to toot my own horn, but I was particularly excited because this was my first full day at lululemon since we opened! Here I'm wearing the same pants as the first picture (I call them my mermaid pants!) but I was super coordinated.  I have on my lime green Elevate tank, the same jacket from the previous photo, and my oh so perfectly matching Nike Free Runs.  I got a lot of compliments that day, especially "oh cool you're so coordinated!" with my response being, "I have to coordinate my outfits because I'm not coordinated in any other possible way."  Funny, but true.  This outfit was head to toe lululemon, but you'd be surprised how much effort it takes to put something on other than all black.  You do actually have to think about it.  I call it, stylized comfy.  But it's still stylized!

This is just a taste of my awesome outfits and my continuous obsession with buying lululemon clothes.  The fever has just begun.  So I plan to post more of my work outfits and what makes them fashionable! Have you tried lululemon clothes? What is your favorite? And if you haven't I encourage you to try it out!! But a fair warning, once you start wearing lulu, you legit won't want to wear anything else!! Thank god it's my job! ;)

XO, Briana

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post.  I really, honestly just love my job and the clothes that come with it!

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