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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stress Free Holiday

Hey, what's up, HELLO!

I realize it's been a significant amount of time since I've posted last, and for that I apologize.  As I'm sure you all understand, the past few weeks have been insanely busy for me and I'm just now getting around to blog!  So I thought, what better to write about than how to stay stress free during this beautiful, yet equally chaotic time of year!

I say stress free, however I know that is probably the unattainable ideal.  So we'll aim for that, but probably land somewhere around kind of a little stressed.  In our society today, everyone is busy all the damn time.  But during the holidays, our lists grow longer, our planners get fuller, and our blood pressure gets higher.  So I find it extremely important to notice when you're starting to lose it, sit down, reevaluate yourself and make a game plan.

1. Lists, Lists, Lists

I love lists.  They help me keep things organized and give me somewhere to get everything out and not completely forget about it.  It's like, all the things I have to do are swirling around in my head and driving me insane, until I write them down. Then, it's as if they magically flow from my head to the paper and stay there.  Lists keep me sane.  And I have lots of them. Recently I find myself making lists of things to add to lists, and lists of lists to make.  It's like listception.  But in all honesty, there is nothing more satisfying than crossing those things off your lists.  Imagine you're covered in leeches and every time you do something, you get to peel one off.  Not the most pleasing analogy I could have concocted, but I never claimed to be completely sane today.  But I digress.  Lists are awesome things and you should make lots of them to keep your thoughts organized and all in one spot.

2. Keep that Planner Handy!

Oh, planner.  I don't know what I'd do without you. My friend lovingly mocks me and my planner, asking me if it's still 1995, but my phone calendar just doesn't do it for me.  I need to physically write everything down.  And I can't put stickers in my iPhone calendar.  Duh.  But really, having a planner is way easier to organize your plans, because you can not only write down events/appointments but also reminders and little notes that you need to see during that time.  It also makes planning more fun!  Since it can be stressful, I personally enjoy flipping through Lilly Pulitzer prints and cute little stickers instead of suffering through the clinical nature of the calendar and reminder apps.  Blah.

So why keep it handy?  These past couple of weeks my planner is FULL like it's never been before. I'm at the point where I literally cannot remember everything in it, so I need to have it on my person or make my mom send my pictures of the pages. Yes that happened.  So just make sure you have it when you know you're gonna need it.  Or be like me and speak in 90's jargon: "I don't know, I have to check my planner."

3. Don't Overbook

This is a good tip for the holidays and just for life in general.  But I find during this time of year I want to see everyone I've ever met, go to 10 different parties, and do 8 million other things.  Not to mention things that just come up.  This is physically impossible and you need to realize it before you screw up.  I did not realize this and I unfortunately wound up cancelling something that was pretty important to me.  Not only did I disappoint my friend, but I felt horrible and had to put a marble in the flake jar.  Womp, womp.  Alas, I did this for my mental health.  I had been go go go and needed to stop stop stop. Sometimes you just "literally can not" and that's ok!  We are human, we can't be a million places at once, and sometimes you have to say no.

4. Get Started Early

When it comes to planning and shopping, I always try to start early.  This allows me to get as organized as possible before chaos ensues.  This is my game plan.  I personally like to make a gift list of who I have to buy for, get in touch with people I want to hang out with and make plans, things of that nature.  Make any appointments that take first priority so you don't wind up having to cancel plans with your bestie because you have to go see your gyno.  No one wants to do that.  Get all of your top priority, static plans in that planner first thing, including your work schedule.  Then you have the freedom to say, "OH! I'm off Tuesday, let's spend the day!" Instead of saying that and then realizing that in fact you are not off and have to cancel.  I'm getting anxious just thinking about it. Which is why getting your duckies in a row early on is super important!

5. Don't Forget You!

Like I said before, keep your health at top of mind!  You won't be any fun at that holiday party if you can't keep your eyes open because you haven't slept in 2 days.  So make sure you plan/leave open time to relax and treat yo' self!  Do things to relax you like watch your tv shows, take a long bath, meditate, spend time with "bae", whatever makes you happy and zen. The goal is to stay happy and healthy so you can fully enjoy all of those things you have planned!  Even better: make it a part of your plan!  Like, me and my best friend are going to have a spa day at my house, with mimosas and manicures. Perfection.  Maybe even get some super special bath bombs (click the photo!) or make your own (um, Pinterest?). Case in point, the holidays are mainly about giving and spending time with your loved ones, but it's about you too!  Don't forget that!

Hope this helps you have a less stressed couple weeks!  Happy Holidays!

XO, Briana

I used this post to show off some of the cool stock photos I've been collecting, a funny yet true saying, and some really rad bath bombs from Etsy! None of the pictures are mine, yet they have all been linked to their original sources!