Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : January 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Wish List

All year round I find myself collecting safari pages on my iPhone of things I want to buy.  I stare at them longingly and sometimes I will eventually give in, but most times not.  So my goal is to save up to buy these things that I ogle over instead of spending it on random things I find at the mall.  So here are the things taking up room in my phone and Google Chrome tabs currently.

Surf Girl Bobble Beanie

When I got all of my winter stuff down to South Carolina, I realized I only had two beanies.  One that I've totally worn out to the point that it just doesn't stay on and the other is Supernatural themed. Which basically means it's got all kinds of crazy looking things on it, which is not always appropriate. Don't want my classmates to think I'm a devil worshiper, haha.  Not only is this one super cute, I'm just obsessed with the Surf Girl logo!  And it's blue, so it will go with 90% of my wardrobe.  Perfect.

Mer-Baby It's Cold Outside Holiday Package

This set is from the Save The Mermaids Foundation, which I have been following for a while now.  I love what they stand for and they also happen to have super cute merchandise!  They still have their holiday special posted which includes a shirt of your choice (I liked the blue one!), a glass water bottle, an abalone necklace, and a sticker!  I love it all and I'm in high-key need.

Women's Nike Free 5.0 Photosynthesis Running Shoes

I'm in love with these sneakers!! I love me a good pair of Nikes and not that I really need another pair (I have 4 at this point lol) but anything that has aloha print immediately steals my heart.  I also like the Free Run style, but mostly the print.  Totally rad.

Spiritual Gangster Script Snapback Hat (Black)

I've had my eye on this one for a while now.  I've been wanting something from Spiritual Gangster besides my rare TJMaxx find (it's a yoga towel btw).  I'm a sucker for a good snapback.  My favorite hat is from Vans and it's aloha print of course, but I feel I could use one that would go with more. Alas, my knight in black and white armor.  This baby will go with anything and would probably be worn to hell in just one season.  But that makes it even better!

Kipling Surfer Monkey Keychain

Yes this seems random, but it's not I promise!  I just snagged a super cute Kipling backpack at TJMaxx for a really good price.  However, it was missing its signature monkey key chain!  Up side was I got an extra $5 off, down side: no monkey.  So I went to the internet to find me a monkey when I found this guy.  Surfer monkey.  The obvious choice. 

Amuse Society Where's My Bikini Sweatshirt

Yes, I am aware it's January.  No, I do not care because it's always summer in my brain.  And I think this sweatshirt perfectly describes that.  Plus it looks soooo comfy! How cute would it be with jeans and some cute boots?!  And then with shorts in the summer?!  I think yes.

XO, Briana

Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Year, New Goals!

Love this free printable from Luloveshandmade!
Happy New Year everyone!!  Sorry I've been pretty MIA for the past couple of weeks.  My life has been pretty busy lately with the holidays and the start of school, so that's one of the reasons I'm writing out my resolutions for the year!  The plan was not to jump on the bandwagon of broken promises, but to kind of come up with some reachable goals for the year to come!  I'm sure we all have them whether we made them New Year's Eve or not!  So here are my goals for 2016!

1. Find Something Every Day To Be Excited About

This is an important one that ties in with number 5.  Being excited all of the time keeps your energy up, helps you to acknowledge your gratitude, and get pumped for things to come!!  Even if it's just something small like getting to sleep in or going out to dinner with your boyfriend, those things are important parts of your life and things that make you happy!  Being grateful for those things keeps you happy and humble!

2.  Post On The Blog Twice A Week

I will admit I am horrible at keeping on track with the blog.  I try to post often, but more than not, I get distracted by life and then realize I haven't posted in two weeks!  So one of my goals, since this blog is very important to me, is to post twice a week.  Whether its a long article like this one or just my favorite pins of the month, I want to make sure I'm posting regularly for myself and for you, my readers!  I don't want to disappoint!

3.  Stay Organized & Stress Free

Ahh yes, organized and stress free.  Sounds like a beautifully unobtainable thing.  However, I know it's possible if I try hard enough.  I've got like 4 planners, notepads everywhere, and constantly check my classes on Moodle to make sure I've done everything I need to do.  Stress has been a battle for me in the past with school, so my goal is to not procrastinate and stay on top of my work in order to avoid that.  I'm not about that late night essay writing!

4.  Read At Least 1 Book A Month

If you didn't already know, I loooveee to read.  I would do it all day every day if I could.  Alas, life does not allow that.  So I've set a goal to read one book a month.  Or at least try.  I tend to get wrapped up in running around all day that by the time I head to bed I flip the TV to reruns of Friends and drift off to la la land.  That is a horrible habit I want to break, so the plan is to read at night, thus getting my monthly fill of the literary escape.
Currently reading! Movie comes out 1/22! Good motivation to finish!
5.  Maintain Balance & Keep Positive Energy Alive

This is a super important one, and one that will blanket all or most of the others. Keeping a balance in life is the key to happiness for me at least.  If I'm all work and no play, I'm miserable.  If I'm all play and no work I have the constant feeling that I'm forgetting something and I also get pretty damn bored.  So I plan on staying super positive, even through the inevitable hardships, and keep my life in balance.  That includes going out for drinks every once in a while, even if I have to get up early the next morning.  Such is life.

6.  Promote Healthy Habits

I'm already off to a great start on this one.  I've been eating really well and working out every other day.  I hope to keep this up, since I already feel a thousand times better than my "holiday self" which indulged in lots of booze and cookies.  I also plan on keeping good company.  That means people who will encourage me, push me even, to stay on this track.  Those people are pretty damn wonderful and I'm so thankful to them for helping me to become a better me!

Part B to this one would be to maintain a healthy diet, not an actual "diet."  Diets don't work. I've tried the lot of them and they're good for a while, but ultimately disappoint.  So I like to eat healthy most of the time, but if I want a slice of pizza, I'm going to eat it.  And not feel bad about it.  Seems like a good habit to have, right?

7.  Land That Summer Internship

This one is more subjective and is dependent on a lot of outside factors.  But I really want to make it in the world of Journalism, so I plan on getting an internship this summer, whether it's somewhere local or an online gig, anything that's going to look good on my resume is good to me.

8.  Open A Savings Account

Money and I have a love/hate relationship.  I hate it because it runs my life.  I love it because I love to shop.  See my issue?  So at this point in my life I feel like I should be making enough money to have some savings.  Currently, I am not.  But I hope to change that within the next year or so.  So instead of spending the money that I would normally use for my student loan, I plan to save it. Well, some of it at least.  We'll see how that one goes.

9.  Learn To Cook A Few Good Meals

I HATE TO COOK. I really, really do.  I wish I didn't because my dad is an amazing chef and I'd love to learn from him.  But unfortunately, I am horrible at it and I hate it.  But if I'm ever going to fend for myself (without the use of EasyMac and Ramen Noodles) then I need to learn at least a little bit.  So my goal is to figure out how to cook at least 3 meals that are healthy and easy.  I'll probably hate every second of it, and I'd rather bake 80 cakes, but I'm gonna do it, gosh darn it.

So those are my goals for the year.  I hope to carry them in to the future as well!  Most of them are just creating a better lifestyle for myself so I really hope to accomplish each and every one of them! What are your goals for 2016?  Do we share any? I want to know and maybe we can even help each other out!

XO, Briana