Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : March 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Pinspiration

Ya'll know I love me some unadulterated Pinterest time.  I spend more time on there than I wish to admit.  However, I find so much information, ideas, and inspiration from there that I just can't live without!  Here are a few pins that have been sticking out to me recently!

Ah yes, the hippie van.  Actually drove by a small place in Conway that was selling an old VW bus that was in awesome condition.  I screamed OMG as we passed by it and my boyfriend continues to make fun of me for it a week later.  But I am an avid VW bus fan and this interior is one of the exact reasons why I want one so bad!

 How cute is this?! I'm always looking for cute mermaid stuff because, well, I'm a mermaid! Duh! 

I am unhealthily obsessed with this wedding dress.  Like, I'm not planning on having a wedding any time in the very near future, but I love this freakin' dress.  Also the rest of the Berta Bridal 2016 collection is just as breathtaking.

I'm super anxious to get back on a board! Taking lessons last summer was a good start but now I'm a lot stronger and leaner and ready to shred some waves!  Also, how rad are these chicks' boards?!

Avocado toast.  Need I say more? Planning on making it a summer breakfast staple.

 Very important words.  Don't let the chaos of everyday life make you forget what it's all about!

Stone Fox Swim is my Pinterest muse.  I pin a LOT of swimwear and most of them are by Stone Fox. They just have the coolest suits and patterns!!

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Valentia Eye Cream & Face Mask

If you'll recall I have worked with this brand before and gave it rave reviews.  I tried their Even Glow Facial Serum and it's probably one of the best skin care products I've ever tried.  Imagine my excitement when they came out with some new products!  Already knowing the miracle workers that come out of Valentia, I was super anxious to try their new True Glow Eye Cream and Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask!  I'm happy to report that they did not disappoint! 

True Glow Eye Cream

Hello, my name is Briana and I have dark under eye circles.  And I hate them.  I've tried sooo many different creams and sticks and what have you to get rid of and/or cover up these bad boys to no avail.  So when I got to try this cream I was optimistic, however not expecting much due to my history.  Boy was I wrong.  I absolutely love this cream!  I just take a tiny little bit every morning before I put on my makeup, pat it under my eyes and let it work its miracles.  It has a nice cooling sensation and gives me a nice canvas for my foundation and concealer.  After using this for couple weeks my dark circles are significantly brighter! I can actually cover them up a reasonable amount without using 8 layers of product, haha.  Definitely would recommend this for anyone struggling with under eye circles.  I know mine will never completely disappear, but this cream totally makes it tolerable!  5 stars!  Find it on amazon HERE.

Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask

I have tried a LOT of face masks.  Like...a lot, a lot.  They all start to meld together after a while. But this one is different.  I opened the jar to find a yellow, jelly like substance that went on almost clear. Weird, but good weird, in comparison to the usual clay like masks that turn you green.  I was hopeful for this mask because my face has been super dry lately and in need of some TLC.  When I put on the mask it was very refreshing, cooling, and smelled awesome.  There's a lot of goodness in this mask too like Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Japanese Green Tea, and Aloe Vera.  All of the special ingredients work together to diminish fine lines, even skin tone, and super hydrates your skin! After wearing it for the recommended 30 minutes, I am left with a whole new face.  I kid you not.  My skin is hydrated and glowing, not dry and flaky like before.  Miracles, I tell you! Find it on amazon HERE.

Check out some of their other awesome products on the Valentia website!
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happiness is...

...waking up to a face you love
...finally eating that thing you've been craving
...being invited to things
...laughing hysterically at something really stupid
...the high you get after a good workout
...trying something new
...unexpected visitors
...a phone call from a cousin who lives far away
...buying a new book
...finding something in common
...neon toe nail polish
...the sound of the ocean
...Sunday brunch with your parents
...hitting the snooze button
...having something to be proud of
...discovering your new favorite song
...watching the sunset
...making someone smile
...a big 'ol bowl of fresh fruit
...anything with glitter
...getting the perfect winged eyeliner
...having friends who will always have your back
...having a family who supports you
...having a boyfriend who loves you and challenges you

Happiness is the little moments and important things in life all melded together.  It is the reason you wake up with a smile on your face and have pleasant thoughts lull you to sleep at night. At this point in my life I am just so so happy and I really wanted to share that with you all.  These are just some things that come to mind when I think of what really makes me happy.  What makes you smile? :)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Few of My NEW Favorite Things!

Over the course of a few months, I tend to accumulate new things in my beauty bag.  Some are samples, others are things I picked up on a whim.  Without further ado, here are a few of my NEW favorite things!

NKD SKN Gradual Tanning Lotion

In the summer time, I normally have a glorious tan.  My Puerto Rican skin sucks in the sun and allows me to get a sweet glow.  However, I am also half German so as soon as summer ends my tan slowly starts to fade.  By the time January/February rolls around I am a nice pasty white (for me) and it's pretty depressing.  I've tried tanning beds, which are horrible for you, and I'm strongly against spray tans because #cheeto.  So I had been on the hunt for a good self-tanner.  Alas, I did my research and found the NKD SKN brand.  They have several different kinds of self tanner, but I opted for the gradual tanning lotion.  I have to say I am super pleased with it!  It's easy to apply, goes on clear, and starts to show color within the first couple applications! My only advice would be to make sure you are super aware of the amount you put on your knees, elbows and hands.  If you put too much on your joints they'll start to get a little orange.  But I feel like all self-tanners have that issue, haha.  Overall, I give it five stars! Oh, and I also recommend using a mitt, just in case.  I got this one from ULTA!

Too Faced Le Grand Palais

My mom and I got this to share when it came out at Christmas time.  Needless to say, I've kind of hi-jacked it.  This kit has it all, but I want to focus on the pallet and the mascara.  I am obsessed with this pallet because it has everything.  Sparkly shadows, matte shadows, and the perfect base and highlight colors!  It also has a bronzer, highligher, and two blush colors that are all seriously to die for.  Honestly, I didn't expect my favorite thing about this pallet to be the highlighter, but I now use it every day.  It gives my cheek bones that perfect pop! Also, all the colors are great and the shadows have the perfect amount of pigment to really blend for a nice smoky look! I could go on about it for days, but instead I'll move on to the mascara.

Better Than Sex Mascara.  I'd been told of the magic that is this mascara, but was  always afraid to drop the dollars without getting to try it first.  So when I got a full size tube in the kit, I was super excited to take it for a spin! Let me tell you, this is probably the best mascara I've ever tried.  I absolutely love it.  Talk about big lashes, mine look like huge falsies when I wear this mascara!  I can't even explain the sheer greatness of it.  Like, I'll just wear this mascara with no shadow and no liner and look fab.  

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

I really like this foundation!  I don't typically wear foundation unless I'm planning on doing a full face of makeup for some special reason.  But what I like about the Naked Skin Foundation is the lightweight feel with a good amount of coverage.  I'd say it gives a medium coverage, but you really don't feel like you're wearing anything! Awesome for every day!

Nao Bay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer

I got this originally as a sample in one of my Birchboxes and fell in love! I'd been in need of a new face moisturizer, so I splurged and bought the full sized bottle.  I love it because it smells ah-mazing, feels great on my skin and works great under makeup!  Plus it's organic! And, how cute is the packaging?!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep Brown

As you know, I am an avid dry shampoo user and connoisseur.  I'd heard a lot of good things about Batiste and had been wanting to try it, but it was my friend's recommendation that made me go and try it for myself!  I chose to try the dark & deep brown version, since I'm always worried I'm going to miss a spot and have a streak of grey hair left over!  I really like this dry shampoo!  It doesn't have that powder smell (that I hate) and is a lot closer to the color of my hair.  It also does a great job getting rid of the unwanted greasy roots and give me a little extra volume!

ULTA Dual Action Cleansing System

I'd seen a lot about different facial brushes and really wanted to try one.  Again, was not about dropping $50+ on something I knew nothing about.  So I went on the hunt for one that was more reasonable.  The ULTA brand system works great!  I love using it to exfoliate and whenever I feel like I need a deeper clean.  It's also helped a lot with clearing up my blackheads. It's super easy to use and comes with two heads: a brush and a sponge for moisturizing.  I've yet to try the latter, so I'll have to update on that one later!  Overall, it was absolutely worth the $25.  Now, I will say this provides a pretty gentle cleanse, so if you're looking for something a little more intense or that has more features then you might want to splurge a little. But if you just want something for every day use, this one is the bee's knees! 
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hey Everyone!

Again, I find myself apologizing for my absence.  Like I said in my last post, I just started school again so I am up to my ears in things to do. So I'd like to take a moment to talk about all that I have been up to in my crazy life.

Back 2 Skool

After being a graduate and degree holder for a good 2 years, I realized that I was getting nowhere and that I needed to do something about that.  I sifted through multiple ideas, and ultimately landed on the "going back to school" plan.  To make a long story short, I am now pursuing a degree in Journalism at my alma mater Coastal Carolina University.  Don't worry, I'll be writing a whole post on how weird it is to be in a second-degree program.

I Work Out

I'm happy to stay I've been sticking to my New Year's resolution to get in shape.  I've been eating much better, working out a few times a week, and people are already noticing the difference.  I'm to the point where even when I decide to cheat and have a shame pizza (I just really wanted some stuffed crust pepperoni, if you know what I mean) I didn't really even enjoy it.  My taste buds have betrayed me.  But honestly, I can't complain. I feel better, I look better, and I am definitely more comfortable in my own skin.  Worth it.

Love is Grand

After waiting a realllyyyy long time, I finally stumbled upon my Prince Charming.  Which is perfectly described by this Whisper submission:

Regardless of how long it took, I am incandescently happy and in love.  I feel so lucky to have him in my life and I don't know how I've every functioned without him around.  I guess this also acts as the "official" statement of the end of my singledom, haha.  He makes me realize why it never worked out with anyone else. :) However, having a boyfriend is very time consuming.  Albeit in a good way, the time I would normally be blogging is now spent out on dates or napping at 4pm.  Which I totally dig.


Rihanna's new song describes this part of my life perfectly.  Maybe.  Because honestly I can't make out a single word she says besides "werk."  So that's what this is.  Work.  I love my job, as you well know, and being a part of the lululemon family has been an awesome experience for me. Add this to the list of things I enjoy that take a lot of time.  Basically, when I'm not at school I am at work.  This makes for very long days with not a lot of down time in between.

Reporting from CCU Campus...

I am so excited to be writing for our school newspaper, The Chanticleer!  It's been so fun so far writing features and reviews and I absolutely love it!  Seeing my writing in ink for the first time was super exciting and I am not ashamed to admit I have about 8 copies of each issue floating around my room right now.  I've also made some really great, talented friends! I'm really looking forward to continuing my writing with them!!

And that pretty much sums it up!  Besides the usual romping around, occasional girl dates with friends, and impromptu beach visits.  Basically, this is why I haven't been posting.  And it actually hurts me to the core, because I do love it so much. So that is why I'm planning to write a TON over Spring Break next week!  So hopefully I'll be back to my normal posting schedule and not just a random date that I have time to write up something quick.  I've got a lot of new ideas and tricks up my sleeve, so bare with me!  I appreciate all of you and can't wait to bring you some awesome new content! Until then, keep up with me on social media! I'm always on there, haha! :)

XO, Briana