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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Studio Gear TRUE. Whipped Stain Gloss

Recently, I've been on a mission to find a good "liquid lipstick" to add to my already extensive collection of lip colors.  Which, I really don't need since it is rare that I really wear lipstick anyway. But my makeup obsessed side begged to differ.  Luckily, I was chosen to review Studio Gear's new line of True Whipped Stain Gloss.

I was super excited, because this was just the formula I was looking for and now I was getting to try a bunch of different colors! #BLESSED.  So not only have I swatched all of the colors for you, but I took one out for the ultimate test drive.

The collection includes 5 TRUE. shades: True Burgundy, True Wine, True Pebble, True Red, and True Fuchsia (in order from bottom up)

This product is AWESOME!  I absolutely love everything about it.  It is super easy to put on, the color is highly pigmented, it has a great shine, and magical staying power!  I wore the fuchsia to work one day and through lots of eating and drinking I still had pretty pink lips!  It wasn't exactly how it looked when I put it on, but the stain remained until I intentionally took it off.  So I'd say it would have lasted several hours had I not been eating and drinking.  And the stain lasted a super long time and still looked nice when I didn't have time to reapply.  I also really like the wand.  It's curved so it makes it really easy to apply! 

My only negative was that I didn't love the pebble color on my skin tone.  It was just too close to my skin color but maybe it will work when I get a little bit of a tan! ;)

Overall, the TRUE. Whipped Stain Gloss gets an A+ in my book and I can't wait to wear these super bright colors this summer and the dark ones in the fall!  I'm covered for all the seasons! Thanks Studio Gear!

Check out the collection and grab one for yourself on the Studio Gear Website!!

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