Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns : July 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kenra Grip Trio

Hello everyone! This week I have decided to mix it up a little bit! I know I tend to focus my reviews on makeup and skincare products, but for the next few posts I'll be giving you the DL on haircare!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to try out Kenra Professional's new collection, the Grip Trio. As it's name states, the collection consists of three awesome products: the Whip Grip Mousse, Air Grip Spray and the High Grip Spray.

Together these products are the perfect set for creating some pretty awesome up-dos. Now I know you all know that I tend to let my mermaid hair hang loose more often then not, but I do love me some braids. Plus, this set will definitely be my go to for any special occasions when I need something a little more fancy! So let's go through each product!

Whip Grip Mousse- light hold defining mousse (9)

This one boasts an airy formula that will give you three times more volume without that typical mousse stiffness. I'll be honest, I am extremely picky when it comes to mousse. Because I air dry my hair, I often find that mousse is just too heavy and weighs down my hair. No bueno. However, I actually liked this one! It defined my curls and helped to keep my frizz at bay all while remaining amazingly light weight! It also smells really good, which you all know is one of the most important things for me (lol.) I personally would use this individually for an everyday, easy look, but I do think this would be awesome for girls with thinner or straighter hair to obtain a little more volume prior to creating a killer updo!

Air Grip Spray- dry wax defining spray (5)

To me, this spray was the most innovative of the three. I've never really seen anything like it. The brand describes it as a light weight and flexible hold but with 50% more grip. It definitely delivered! I used this one to create a fishtail braid. I tend to have slippery hair that forces me to use 600 bobby pins to keep anything in place. With this spray I was able to create the braid much more easily and I only used 2 pins to keep a few shorter hairs in place. Also, I decided to see how it would be leaving the spray (and hairspray) in for another day. I was able to wear my hair down in the morning without it looking, well, yucky and tossed it into a voluminous, piecey pony tail later on.

High Grip Spray- high hold defining hairspray (20)

Last but not least is the hair spray. This one claims to produce a light weight, 24 hour hold. After using it several times, I would say that is absolutely true! I really like this hairspray because it holds really well but it's not crunchy. And like I mentioned earlier, I was able to switch up my hairstyle with out any "phantom styles," like the one in the meme below. (haha!)
Overall, I really love this trio! I think it's absolutely perfect for creating some killer up do's and even individually for everyday styles. I also really liked the number system they used to determine how much hold each product has. It is a scale from 0-25 or 30 depending on the collection. I think it makes it much easier to really know how set in stone that style is going to be! Also, the whole collection is now conveniently available at Ulta! For more information on the Grip Trio collection and Kenra Professional's other products, CLICK HERE!

Are you an updo girl? What kind of styles would you want to try using this collection? Let me know in the comments and also if you've already tried them!

XO, Briana
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