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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Thought About Jeans

So I went shopping yesterday looking for some basic pieces for work. I am in need of jeans, which is and always has been, a nightmare for me. I thought it would be easier to find clothes now that I am averaging around a size 12 and it has been, but not for jeans.

Jeans are a curvy girl's worst nightmare.   Although there are many brands that include "plus sizes," they simply aren't cut to fit a curvy figure. Being a somewhat in between size, I find that straight size lines that go up to a 12 or 14 are too straight through the hips and strictly plus size lines are too loose in the bottom. (Don't even get me started on plus sized tops that find the need to accommodate a DDD bust in a 1x top...) On top of everything this endless hunt requires, now we also have to deal with misleading style names.

I want to point out that I really like Joe's jeans as a brand. I love the styles, the quality and the overall feel of the jeans they produce and have sung their praises to many a customer. However, I have yet to find a pair that actually fits me. The brand goes up to a 32 waist, which I would say I usually wear a 32 or 34. When I came across a pair called the "booty fit," I thought I may have finally found my match. Now I did realize "booty" could have referred to the somewhat bootcut leg, but I figured since it was the booty fit and not booty cut, that the fit was designed for a girl with hips and thighs.

Fade out to the fitting room: me with my "booty" jeans not even making it past my knees. I couldn't even tell if they would fit on the booty. These jeans had zero, and I mean ZERO, stretch or any kind of Lycra. So apparently I was totally wrong about it being a curvier cut. Like I wasn't already frustrated, now I'm disappointed. Apparently not only am I not skinny enough for Joe's but I'm also too shapely? 🙄

I am still trying to wrap my mind around why so many brands are catering to skinny, curveless women when, in reality, they are the minority. I've realized that even if I lost enough weight to get to a size 6, I would still struggle. The fat may melt away, but the Puerto Rican thighs and booty are forever.

If I never get the opportunity to design my own line, I ask that someone please fix this problem! At least refrain from using misleading style names that make me feel like I'm not good enough to wear your clothes. *Mic drop*

XO, Briana

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