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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

First Impression: Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

Y’all. I’ve never been more disappointed with a foundation. I hate to say that too, because I’m always open to trying new things, but this one right here may be the first I actually return to
This is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation. I picked it up on sale for $19 because I’d been wanting to try it. I am an avid user of the Shape Tape concealer; in fact it’s all I’ll use. I’d heard mixed reviews about the foundation, but I figured I’d just give it a shot, especially since Tarte is one of my favorite brands.

Well let me tell you, not only does this foundation make me look 10 years older, but I also had an allergic reaction to it. My face felt tingly and it gave me a burning/numbing sensation in my cheeks. 
As for the look of it, for a “hydrating” product, it made my skin look even MORE dry and sunk into EVERY fine line and pore on my face. Now I pride myself on having great skin. I take good care of it and often get compliments on it. This foundation looks so bad, even my fiancé was like, yeah it’s not your best. I was not only uncomfortable but felt ugly. I think I described is as, "I look like a potato."

The other weird thing was that it seemed like any powder products just faded away. My setting powder did NOTHING. My face felt wet still after I put it on. When I put on bronzer and blush, the color was super pigmented and then two minutes later it was practically gone. Also, it made the rest of my face dry, but within an hour my nose was oily! 
After a few hours, the allergic reaction I was having became unbearable. I would have taken it off sooner, but I was at work and didn’t have any remover with me. So after about 3 1/2 hours of wear, I finally got to take it off. Under the makeup my skin appeared dry and my cheeks, in particular, were a nice bright shade of red. 

Several hours after removing the product, I still was experiencing itching on my cheeks and nose and a burning sensation. 
Once I got home, I put on a cooling/calming, very gentle face mask to soothe the itchy and burny, It definitely helped. I also put on a heavy duty night moisturizer.

The following morning, the reaction seems to have pretty much gone away. I still have some small splotches on my cheeks and a slight numbness and itchiness, but overall it's been okay. It worsened a bit when I put on some makeup, even though it was light, but ya'll know I can't leave the house without SOMETHING on my face lol.

Overall, I just wouldn't recommend this at all, ESPECIALLY if you have sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin and have never had this issue, so if your skin does skew on the sensitive side, I'd stay away. The only positive I would say about this product is the applicator. It's just like the shape tape wand! Although, I do wish it was a little bigger. 

XO, Briana

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