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Saturday, September 21, 2019

#MOTD: Bikini Bottom Baddie

So since my blog is mostly geared toward beauty and makeup, I thought I'd start a new style of post featuring those things I love to use daily!

From now on, you'll be getting posts of some looks that I created and really loved and wanted to share with you! I'm thinking sometimes those will include mini reviews, like this one, but mostly just photos of the look and what I used.

Let me know if you like this style of post and want to see more!

Without any further ado, here is the first of the #MOTD series, a look I have dubbed "Bikini Bottom Baddie!"

I centered this look around the Spongebob Squarepants inspired Bikini Bottom Palette from Hip Dot that I absolutely could not pass up.

I have loved Spongebob from the day it was released and 20 years later I'm still quoting the show weekly, if not daily.

So this palette was nostalgic and a lot of fun to play with!

My first impression of the palette is great! This is the first item I've purchased/tried from Hip Dot and I was pretty impressed!

The pricing was about average at $36 for 15 shadows. The color palette is bright and happy, but totally wearable.

I used it for this very sunshine-inspired look, but I've also used it for a more neutral vibe. The packaging is good quality and really cute! There's a mirror inside, complete with a little Spongebob in the corner.

The names of the shadows are all drawn from Spongebob favs like "Wumbo," "Advanced Darkness" and "Imaginaation."

If you love bright colors and are a Spongebob fan, you may want to pick up this palette!




I hope you like the look and this style of post! I really enjoyed creating it!

XO, Briana

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